Monday, July 4, 2011

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Confession time. Many months ago I wanted a kitten in SL. In some ways SL is great because in RL I'm not a huge pet person. Thought I could find myself a little puff ball to enjoy here in-world. During my quest I checked blogs, stores and just couldn't find exactly what I was hoping for. Eventually one thing led to another and I ended up discussing the merits of breedable pets with Boss Lady. I'd read an article on a horse selling for over 100K Linden. I saw little money signs dancing before my eyes.How hard could it be? I could get some horses, make babies, sell them and become rich!!! muahahaha rich i tell you...

 Flash to present day:  I now have well over 20 horses that I adore more than I should. I've stopped trying to keep up with the trends and market prices anymore. For the most part with Amaretto, in my opinion, releases too much far to quickly. Whether it's a ploy to keep us constantly on edge waiting for more or perhaps they just don't give a crud about our own market outside of there own... I tend to lead towards believing the latter myself. I tried selling for a while but I always seemed to be just behind the trend line so while I made a little I never got rich. Instead I found an awesome bartering group 'Breedable Bartering'; founded my Leandra Kohnke.We trade or give away almost anything breedable! It's great!!

Enter today: I get a notice about a bartering circle. One day only! Yada yada. I get all fired up with my poor little male Andy I've been starving in my inventory... poor boy NEEDS to go! I land and I see:

Well here I am.... there are the bundles for trade.... WHERE IS EVERYONE?! For once I actually found something I could use and no one is around. There's a pager but of course she's not online... WTF? And if anyone has ever been to buy a car... it was kind of like that. Suddenly some useless salesmen pops in before I can sneak away and pretend I never rezzed there. He wants to try to find me a horse but alas none of these are his. He insists on checking his I wait. He turns around and offers me a horse that is NOTHING like the one I want to trade for in the first place. After I am finally able to slip away without being rude he continued to IM me offering other horses that I didn't want. What part of NO do people not get? Then he finally comes up with something that might be worth a trade but he insists I would have to buy the horse. This is about where I closed the conversation for the 4th or 5th time. Sigh. Fools.

Oh yeah... and our new neighbor? rezzes a tiki hut and walks around half naked on a breedable sim. I see no breedables. Anywhere... *bangs head on desk*

Alright off to RL! Happy 4th lovies

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