Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Great Outdoors

Hello my lovelies!

As I mentioned in my last post I'm in a redecorating mood. SO when a little birdie told me about an amazing outdoor decor sale I just had to jet on over! Nature's Touch Nursery is going out of business sadly. The store was set to close a few days ago but lucky for me it seems to be extended until Nov 30th! About 99% of the items are set to free. That means ever blade of grass, every tree, every stone along a path or water is free!! FREE! The one thing I lack in my inventory is decent trees that aren't 10 prims or more. I snagged some amazing pines here for 0L at 5prins a piece!!

I'm pretty sure I bought one of everything as most things were Copy/No Mod/No Trans! Just as I was about to being worrying about carting all my goodies home I was thrown for yet ANOTHER loop. Another LM? A WINTER zone?! OMG. Be still my heart.

 The only things not for sale here is the sky-box, snow on the ground and the cabin. Fear not though, this cabin is stuffed with gift boxes, lights, and tree decor! <3

Over 60 transactions later I struggled and shoved 2 semi's worth of inventory back to the house. I wonder how much I can fit on our little plot?! GC's going to have a fit!

Until next time! XOXO

Vinter Vunder Lannnd

Hello my lovelies!

I miss winter .. really badly actually. It's currently raining pretty hard in my neck of the woods. As I sat at my computer nibbling on a mint chocolate chip ice cream sammich I started to crave snow and cold weather. Since my RL wasn't satisfying my needs I decided to create a winter oasis in SL for myself!

I was feeling  a bit inspired so I decided to dig out some old textures and whatnot and build myself a house! Yep.. I built that beauty! Well.. not the door... I borrowed that because marketplace refused to deliver my sculpty door so I ran out of patience and used the one from my old house. Whew.

To complete my wintery look I decided to head on over to {What Next} on Marketplace and grab some of the awesome goodies they had! Currently they are putting out the new winter/Christmas items in world so lucky me a ton of the older stuff was marked down to just 10L. That bit of tree this picture is peering through as well as the awesome snow are just some of the MANY goodies found for amazing deals! <3

The house in comprised of one long room and a smaller room off to the side. I wanted something big enough to put up some fun decor without losing prims. I'm currently in crash mode or else I would be decorating the interior a bit more! Most items shown are from a mix of places. If you want to know where anything if from feel free to comment or IM me inworld :) The wreath over the fire place is another goodie I grabbed from {What Next} for 10L

PS. The interior wall textures were made by me! A little something I came up with a few years ago. Colors include red, blue, teal, yellow and brown. All wall textures are detailed with upper and lower molding and trim as well! The rest of the building textures are from scattered locations.

Until next time! XOXO

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Biggest Sale evvvverrr

Hello my lovlies!

I'm a little late on this one but I believe it's better late than never, eh?

Keep in mind if you haven't been yet, or you want someone to tag along you need to join TheWarehouse group. You can find the group -here- . It's free to join but it is necessary to get to this event. If you have trouble you should be able to find the group in my profile for a few days :) Then feel free to TP away.

Also it should be noted that there are quite a nice amount of designers participating but if you are looking for clothes Armidi supplied about 75% of them from what I saw. I happen to own at least one of everything Armidi had in the past so this wasn't much for me. But if you've always drooled over the designs but never had the cash this is the ideal time to give yourself a holiday treat! <3

Aside from that little diddy I don't have much for you currently. Things have been horribly busy in my RL. We'll be doing a LOT of traveling over the next few months because the family that actually celebrates holidays lives far away from us. Also funds are limited in both worlds so keeping up with all the amazing goodies out has been a task. Being on a budget in SL is new for me.. and at the same time not so new. Normally I budget myself just for the sake of not over buying. Which I could easily do if I let myself! Now it's choosing between spending 750L on new mesh boots.. or paying land rent. We've minimalized out land to the smallest plot with the most prims. I suppose we could give it up but I like having a house to come home to and a place to rez my photo box without having newbies attack :D - I suppose in my rambling way what I'm trying to say is : I'm currently pretty poor in SL and on a tight budget in both worlds. I'll still be blogging but don't expect new and amazing wardrobes from me any time soon. Time for this chica to get an SL job. EEP.

Don't give up on me :D

Until next time! XOXO

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vintage Fair: I've really made it

Words can't even begin to describe my time at the Vintage Fair! I was super excited when I was one of the first 10 people to make it to the sim for opening. I actually was so insistent on making it there today to be a super cool blogger that I faked interest in land for rent on a nearby sim. In my thoughts the closer I was the easier it would be to get there. Ding Ding!! We have a winner.

That sexy orange blog there in the corner would be me. I made sure to remove all body parts to show how purrdy I am. Hehe

I hope your visit to the fair wasn't as insane as mine. Six crashes, 2 sim deaths and an entire reboot of the PC later it seemed smarter to just wait. I take full responsibility and I'm not blaming my insane time on anyone but myself. I tend to have no patience when I see what I want. Which is what made this trip so hard for me. I made it into a full rezzed sim (btw that awesome pre rez poster they sent was a FANTASTIC idea) but I was unable to purchase anything farther than 20M from me. Which pretty much was the biggest tease ever. Oh well, I'll just keep trying over the next few weeks!

Until next time! XOXO

I will leav e my mark so everyone will know...

Hello my lovelies.

I initially started this post to rant about some of the drama I've read about recently but quite honestly for once I realize it's not my fight. I'm a small blog just starting out. I don't have contacts or designers in my pocket.  But ya know what.. -I was here, I just want them to know- SO here's a little fashion something for you all followed by a little chat session! Enjoy :)


Scarf: Kyoot 50L Friday (Part of a sweater. There are 4 colors to choose from)
Dress: Tres Blah 50L Friday (2 dress color options as well as a necklace to buy)
Boots: [Elikatira]  in Black

* Note: unless otherwise stated I am wearing the same hair/skin/eyes as previous posts.

Okay let's get serious for a moment. Upfront i mean no disrespect or any ill will.

Sometimes I wonder how you become one of the "elite bloggers". I figure I'd be bad at it becasue I've never been really good at meeting people. The one thing that keeps me blogging is the love of clothing and my appreciation towards designers who are putting in the hard work. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I believe an honest blogger is a good blogger. I've spent a lot of money on something I saw in a post only to realize that the item in question had been photo shopped beyond recognition. I'm a huge believe in help cristicism. Helpful being the key word. I also think that sometimes we all inflate our own self worth to the point we forget the "little people" out there. Sometimes it's those "little people" that are keeping your store or blog or whatever afloat and all we want is to be treated as an equal.

I've been seeing a lot of people blogging the Vintage Fair. I missed the deadline to apply as a blogger. I kick myself a little bit that I missed it. At the same time I was a bit afraid to even send in an application. I sent my first blogger request ever a few weeks ago and apparently I didn't even warrant a response. A simple "no thanks" would have been fine. But to be absolutely dismissed without even a comment makes me feel small. Live and learn I suppose.

I guess what I'm trying to get at with my rambling is that we all matter. Even the smallest of us have an impact on someone. That being said I appreciate each and every viewing and comment I receive. I do this for you and I like knowing you enjoy it as much as I do. I probably won't ever be a mega blog like some out there but I will continue with my little circle because it's what I enjoy.

Also if you are someone small or just anyone looking to get noticed I'm always happy to post an ad or do a review for free. I love to help small businesses such as muself even get a sliver of acknowledgement. The same goes for wannabe bloggers. Thus far this journey has been completely my own but I'm always willing to share the spot light for anyone not ready to start their own. You can always contact me and work something out! :) (Ps. Check out the new Join Me/Contact me page for info on contacting me! or post a comment below :D)

Until next time! XOXO

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Afternoon my lovelies!

After spending the RL afternoon with the menfolk at Lowes I felt it was time to give myself a good dose of girlie! Much to the surprise of anyone around me I've been blasting Taylor Swift, Adele and Beyonce as high as my little mini sub will let me. 

>>Squinty eyes<< "You hammer all day, I blast girlie music darnit!"

I love the new Sea Hole dress at Collabor88. Actually I'm in love with almost this entire Collabor88 collection to be honest. I just keep going back to buy more. Today's look was inspired by the super cute fashion of Taylor Swift, minus the long blond hair!


Hair: [E] @ Collabor88
Skin: Illusory @ Collabor88
Dress: The Sea Hole @ Collabor88
Boots: [E] @ Mainstore
Poses: (pda) @ Collabor88

Don't you love the soft silhouette of this dress?! It comes in so many colors from pastel pink to dark and daring black. Such a good by and unlike some sculpty skirts it was super easy to move around a bit to get an exact fit. Once again I am a huge fan of The Sea Hole.

Until next time! XOXO

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Collabor88- Discount Diva Makeover

'Evening my lovelies!

I've become a huge fan of Collabor88. It's not often I find a collection that I buy something from each and every time. I am so so in love with this month's collection! So much in fact that it inspired a makeover of sorts!

The hair, dress and skin shown are all part of the November Collabor88! I am soooo in love with this dress from Ingenue! It is mesh so be warned you will need to be using a mesh viewer (duuh) but the peek-a-boo back is totally worth it! The dress comes in 3 other colors so you can be sure to find something to suit you! While I was on a shopping roll I found this creamy smooth skin from Illusory! I did add a few makeup touches myself as the makeup consists of pale pink lips and pastel colored shadows. I love the milky look of this skin. I've been wearing League skins for a while now and was never happy with the palest shades offered. Generally I'm a one skin type of girl, I'll wear it till it's outdated but goodness this is gorgeous. Feeling truly inspired I opted for [E]'s Brown 6 shade instead of my normal darker tresses! I eve gave my shape a little of a work over!

Also worn is the past 50L Friday scarf from Miel, and shoes from G*Field. For those frugal fashionistas out there: the stocking worn are a little fat pack I picked up on Marketplace for only 1L! You can grab them -here- and be sure to check out all the other goodies offered :D

Until next time! XOXO

Monday, November 7, 2011

LOTD- Snuggles

Hello my lovelies!

Do you know what is absolutely no fun? I do! Being woken up at 5:30am by loud thumping, followed 2 hours later by the roofers you've been waiting for for over a month.

The upside to all this was we finally got our new roof! Coupled with a late night however makes this girl a lazy bum! I battled around for a while with some outfits that just didn't suit my mood. One of the things I've been disliking lately are some of my animations in my AO. I've spent a good deal on some gorgeous sweaters only to be unable to wear them because my arms/hips/butt get in the way. After fiddling, swapping and changing I was able to test it on this luscious sweater from {u.f.o}. The thick cable knit made me want to curl up in front of the fire with a good book and tune out the world! What do you think? Comfy weather cute?

I wasn't feeling jeans with this look and while it was nearly long enough to sport as a dress I just didn't feel to comfortable with that! We all know how snoopy some folks can be! Instead I paired it with the Heather Grey tights from Mon Tissu layered underneath a pair of thigh high socks. The perfect compliment to the look was the black leather boots I bought from [e] during the anniversary sale!

Just a little something short and sweet. I certainly recommend checking out the sweater if you haven't already. It comes in pastels and darker rich colors as well and is priced at an easy $180L! Considering it comes with re-size scripted and non scripted options it really is a versatile piece well worth the price!

Until next time! XOXO

Sunday, November 6, 2011

LOTD- Just a little something

Hello lovlies!

I just wanted to share today's look with everyone. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it honestly. Aside from the skirt I'm not showing much new or unseen.

Check it out!

Sweater- Mon Tissu
Undershirt- Jane (Old Subscribo)
Skirt- Ingenue (this past 50L Friday item.. was still out as of an hour ago)
Boots-[ E]

I putzed around with the beige skirt and a blue sweater but the combo wasn't quite what I was hoping to be. Also it should be noted that this skirt is mesh. It comes with glitch pants and a mesh piece that is only between the legs to give that super tight effect. The mesh comes in two different sizes and there is a demo available for anyone still not sure of mesh fitting yet!

That's all for now darlings! Have a good rest of the weekend!

Until next time! XOXO

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Newbie Style Challange-Get your newb on

As we all know I adore blogger challanges. I especially like a challange of making an avatar from scratch using a budget. If you haven't guessed by now I am a huge lover of anything cheap or free. I do spend money in stores but I also thing a healthy amount of gifts entices someone to spend money as a 'Thank You' as well as allowing a person to sample items without wasting money on something that might not be quite what they had hoped.

That being said when I saw Gogo of Juicy Bomb had started the Newbie Style Challenge II, I was Super excited. You can read the rules and such -here-

If you have spent any time in SL with me then you know I have an alt addiction. Most recently I cut back to those linked to anything I still do in SL. There was a time when I would create an alt just to 'make her/him over'. I would hunt all over SL just to prove I could make an avatar that cost 10, 20, 30L..even free. SO the 550L limit for this challenge sounds like a fortune.

I started out as a brand newbie with a new alt I made. I decided to make not one but three looks in total.(I may do more in the future! keep posted)

Look 1:


           Hair: D!va- Group gift (there are tons here + free group join!)   = 0L
Scarf: Mr. Poet- Store Freebie (Boxers also + 2 Lucky Boards   = 0L
Dress: Riddle (+ 2 shirts Gift @ Fab Free HQ-TONS of goodies) = 0L
Boots: Vinyl Cafe (Dollarbie a day location- past  are 50L now)  =50L

total: 50L

Look 2:

Hair: D!va- Naomi 20000 members (Group gift)    = 0L
Necklace: Milady's -  (Marketplace)                       = 0L
Dress: Entre Mares - (Fab Free HQ)                       = 0L
Shoes: Maitrya- Subscribo Gift                               = 0L

Total: 0L

Look 3:

Hair: D!va - Haruka (Group Gift)                       = 0L
Sweater: ~Sweet Poison~ - (Marketplace)        = 0L
Skirt: JANE - In store Gift (Tons others too!)     = 0L
Boots: COCO- Group Gift (Tons more!)              = 0L

Total: 0L

About My Body!:

Shape: Made by me :)                                               = 0L                    
Skin: Mamboo Chic- Lucky Board       = 0L
           Eyes: TechnoLati- Hazel Blue on Marketplace         = 1L

 Total: 1L

Over all Spent: 51L !!

Additional Notes:

I also snagged some great things that aren't sp easy to see! Oracul offers one of the BEST freebie AO'S I've seen. You can snag it at the Fab Free HQ. It comes with a male AO as well and it's Copy/Trans!

The poses I used were freebies from Fab Free HQ and D!va (upstairs)

When making my looks this time around I wanted to focus on quality. Any old person can find a free outfit (If you can't then you deserve a smack upside the head ala Gibbs on NCIS.. :D). Rich textures and decent attachments make an outfit better than the system layer snoozer! The hardest things for me to find was decent hair (I tend to be ultra picky normally) and shoes. I never did go gaga over any of the shoes I found but oh well. Granted I could have used a chunk of that 550 to buy shoes or hair but I was more focused on an actual newb shopping.

Also noted: I could have made this super easy by doing hunts and current sales but I thought it smarter to show items that may still be around months from now!

Taking it one step further:

One thing we most often overlook is something as simple as a profile pic. Often spending 10L to upload is a big deal to someone new. (This is for anyone not using SL V3). During my quest for poses or photo studios to make a profile pic I found a rare gem. Studio Focus is a new photography location just getting started. As a special offer to new patrons they are doing one free shot to new group members. You can join the group - here-  and contact Sunnyboi Canis or Savannah OHare! (I'll be doing a write up in the upcoming days on these two so stay tuned if you are interested!

Check out the pic Savannah did for me:

Until next time! XOXO