Sunday, August 28, 2011

The days begin to mesh together

Hi lovelies! I'm so so sorry I've been gone! The good news is I have a new computer so I can take slightly less glitchy pictures and actually travel around SL without crashing every 2 seconds! This is so exciting!

On that note I did want to share an adorable find! All over the grid the stories of mesh are overflowing. This post will be no exception! I've mentioned Jane's goodies already!

If you are looking to try mesh out for free make sure to grab free gift from SLink! They were kind enough to offer an adorable pair of dark wash jeans to test out!

Also if you are more into the girly fashions Hucci gave out this adorable gift!

Squee!!! Isn't it faboosh!? If you are a member of the subscribo it was only given out a few days ago! Also given over the past few days was a cute golden cut out dress (not mesh) and a 50L gift card! So so generous!

PS. Can we all just take a moment to admire my MUCH less glitch-ed pictures!? Yay video card of awesome <3 My hubby spoils me so

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Times are changing, Stores are closing

I don't do well with change. I dislike change in SL even more because when it's something is gone... well unless the designer sticks to the Marketplace then it's gone for good.

Two of my favorite stores will be closing their doors over the next few weeks.

Grixdale will be closing it's doors after August 31st. The store is currently selling all items for 100L and under so be sure to get in the goodies before they are gone!

Also sadly closing it's doors is Berries Inc.. You have until Sept 12th to grab all goodies prices at 50L before tier payments run out.


On a different note, if you haven't been to Jane then you need to scoot on over asap. I love the styles of clothing at Jane. Girly, classy and oh so cute. If you happen to use a viewer that supports mesh then you will be pleasantly surprised! Newly released are a few dresses and separates in her store for the mesh frenzy out there! Owner Janie Marlowe is also super interested in the way the new mesh is fitting those of us out there. If you aren't familiar with mesh, its a bit like system clothing in a way that it moves with us but looks like the primed clothes we are so familiar with. If you feel like skipping the glitch layers on a dress and jumping around, never fear mesh moves with you! The down side is that it does not make allowances for saddle bags, body fat , breasts and some other vital parts of us all. Thus why Janie is asking for feed back from us all! Go ahead and give it a go!

Back to the Real World

Hello my lovlies! I'm back finally! We had our little wedding this weekend and a superb stay at a B & B where we played tourist for a few days-Good fun!

Now that I'm back I've become obsessed with the fringed shirts from Izzie's. I can't seem to force myself to change!


Top: Izzie's- Fringe Top- White (Comes with beaded/unbeaded-resize/ manual resize)
Skirt: Tart- Low Rise Jean Skirt-Stone
Hair: Fri.- Lavender- Dark Brown (Hair piece if color change!) Prev flf item

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LOTD-August 16

Hey folks! I'm sorry I've been so in and out the past few days! As I've mentioned before I'm getting married shortly.. actually.. this Saturday. So things have gotten a little hectic here! As of tomorrow I'm not sure when I'll be on or even have time to post something because my guests start arriving in the afternoon! Eeeep!

I did however want to leave you with some cuteness!


Hair- Exile- Buffy- Platinum Hunt item 10L
Dress: BB* Lucky Board Item
Belt: Fruit Punch Belt- Freebie in store

Enjoy! I'll be around when I can! Hugs <3

Monday, August 15, 2011

Whiskey for my men, beer... er.. food for my horses

I know that some of you lovelies as still holding fast to the Amaretto Horse craze out there. I still am! Barely..

So..I wanted to share with you a super new feeding system out there other than the 212 products.

Emmy of EOGen has made a new amazing product that IMHO works better than the other feeders out there. I won't say there is anything wrong with the other products, this just has so many added features for a super reasonable price!

As told by Emmy herself:

" The EOgen Breedable Feeder system is an automatic food dispensing system designed with the needs of Amaretto brand breedable horses in mind. It couples a sophisticated food and salt monitoring system with a sim-wide bundle-drop detection - and anticipation - system to help make sure your Amaretto horses are happy, healthy, and productive at a price everyone can afford. "

It's pretty awesome and super easy to use. I'm pretty spazzy when it comes to anything I need to set up so I was pretty pleased at how hands free and simple this was!!

You can grab yours -HERE- or -HERE- for only 400L! + free updates as amaretto releases new items! For more information on all this baby can do, head on down to the slurls provided!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Look at me now

Wow, I needed to get out of my bitchy funk. SO I decided to share Karmin with you. I've been obsessed with them for a few weeks or... maybe months? Heck, I don't know. They crack me up, make me sing along and are just awesome. I love a good cover to popular songs :D

Squee. This is two of many. You check out tons more on their Youtube or Website. Also if you sign up for their mailing list you can download some of their songs for free. They have some pretty good original songs too. You'll notice some of their own lyrics in some of the covers they do if you are familiar with the songs they do as well :D ENjjjjoy

Update: I think I just peed myself a bit. Karmin is coming to a town near me the day after my wedding. I must must must find this! Eeeeeeee

Warning: Mood overload

I woke up in a foul mood today. No actually, that is not true. I was pushed into a foul mood. I'm going to rant for a few minutes before I get to the actually pretties to show ya'll, kay?

1. We have new SL neighbors, who put in a giant stone mountain complete with water, tiki huts..oh yeah... and ban lines! SO now every time I sit at my cottage I see yellow flashing lines. PS. I live on a farming sim... I wasn't away stones, or beachy stuff were farmable.. maybe pet rocks but.. come on now. And these ban lines.. honestly do you think you are so all important that you have to ban everyone?! Because aside from eyeing up your ugly build.. no one cares.

2. Said neighbors: wandering all over my property. This I don't get. You ban everyone but think it's perfectly alright to fly up a couple thousand meters to hover ourside my sky boxes. Weirdo.

3. For the first time in a week it isn't raining in RL! This is actually a good thing.. except I'm supposed to be getting our front steps replaced..4 days ago. I was assured they would be done no later than the 12th. Guess what, it's closing in on Noon and not one worker is here. I have company coming next Wednesday,Thursday AND Friday. Oh and I'm supposed to be getting married on the 20th, so I'd like to be able to leave my home to get to said wedding.

Rawwwr! End rant! Now for the goodies! Yay! Thank you all for listening!

The skirt shown was an awesome find from a new store for me! Blanche's Boutique offered up this playful flouncy skirt for the OCIO Xtreme hunt. You are looking for a little surfboard with an OX!

The ripped denim shorts shown and the full outfit are just two of the MANY gifts from the Oh Boi! Event. There are events going on all week long, giveaways, shows, live music and so much more. I've blogged this twice already so I won't go into crazy detail. The items shown above are generously donated by the sponsors! All items are hidden over the sim in little red lips. Incase you don't feel like searching too much the shorts from from Nytro and the full outfit was donated from House of Europe! Happy hunting!!

Now I think I'll go back and shoot laser beams of anger at the new neighbors! Happy weekend!

Give it Away

I've been part of the .: Give It Away :. group for a long time now. While many groups come and go on my list I've managed to hold onto this one. I like the idea behind it really. Within reason we as members as well as some designers offer items up for grabs in the group. For the most part it's the whole " one man's trash is another man's treasure" idea. Sometimes there are gifts or lucky chair calls, anything to help each other out. I'm totally digging helping and bartering lately.

Recently in the group one of our faithful members was kind enough to offer not one but TWO gifts to add to our wardrobes. I'll be honest. I'm often leery about clothing given out in groups not owned by a designer.. Sometimes things just don't live up to my expectations. I guess that's why it's okay that it's free though!

Color me surprised when I actually LIKED what was given! Though one outfit was more on the masculine side, I really adored the shorts and tank sets! I just had to show them off!!!

I like to think these are just two looks of a very diverse me!

Worn: Left:

Hair: Shag- Black Jack- Powder -MHOH item
Outfit: !GR!-Stripped jeans and tank- found in GIA group notices- Comes w 3 tanks!

Worn: Right:

Outfit: !GR! Lovely Shirts and shorts- GIA group notices
Hair: Love- Native (banged)- fatpack w/ hair accessory- Please Make This in SL -Group gift

Please Make This in SL is a really fantastic idea! It allows us as customers and or designers to post RL ideas we've seen and would love to have in SL. The idea is that hopefully it will spark the attention of a fab designer or even a new designer out there and encourage them to make the items we post. You can check out the blog and flickr for more info or to submit some things you'd like to see out there! The native hair shown was one of the ideas brought to life! <3

Also, please note: the GIA group is by invite only. If you would like to join the group to try out trading, bartering and gifting I would be oh so happy to invite you! Just shoot me an IM inworld or any of the amazing members!

OR (because I'm awesome and let myself get harassed by land rental ppl just to help you all out!- You can join the group of the clothing creator! She also sent them to her store group as well. whew- deep breaths- If you are interested the owner also has freebies and lucky boards in her store as well! Yayness!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OOOHH My Mary Janes

Oh man. I mentioned recently Mary Jane shoes. I showed a pair in my last post that were pretty fantastic. However I finally unpacked and tried on the in store group gift. Oh my GAWD. I'm never taking them off! They are by far the hottest deep red Mary Janes I have ever seen. ~swoon~

Love <3

These made me feel feisty but as I was running a bit late today I had to  throw something together!


Shoes: Mary Jane Shoes- Bonnie- Red- Group Gift (free to join!)
Dress: The Sea Hole- Glitter Mini Dress- Pewter- Collabor88 gift!
Hair: Shag- Black Jack- Shadow- MHOH

" When I wear - my mary jane's shoes
I can escape - from a blues
The whole world seems a little bit brighter, brighter
My heavy steps get a little bit lighter, lighter"

Monday, August 8, 2011

LOTD- August 8th

Hi guys and gals! I've recently mentioned tons of sales and discounts going on! I thought I'd show you a bit of a mash up of some of the goodies I got over the weekend!

The skirt and white top worn are from the Ricielli Summer Hunt going on right now! There are a total of 20 items in the hunt ranging from jewelry to jackets to dresses. You can really get a great head start on your wardrobe with this set. Each hunt item costs 15L. While not free it is certainly a steep discount off the normal pricing!

Also if you haven't heard yet, Collabor88 just started today! Essentially it's another designer discount store! Who can ever have too many discounts?! Each month a special group of designers will come together in one location to  give away items. All items are priced at or under 88L! You can visit their website for more information. Be sure to join the group and grab the awesome fatpack of donated dresses in the notice history! I'm wearing the Collabor88 item from Truth! This awesome girly pony tail reminded me of something Taylor Swift would be rocking on the red carpet. For only 88L you get the fatpack of all Truth colors! There is a dainty ribbon holding it all back that is color change as well!

The list of designers include:
Barnesworth Anubis
Fashionably Dead
Lisp Bazaar
Nylon Outfitters
R2 Fashion
The Sea Hole
Truth Hair
Whippet & Buck

Finally is you haven't heard of Mary Jane Shoes you probably live under a rock.  few months ago I had the pleasure of helping creator and owner Infiniti Mirihi with her very first fashion show! I adore her shoes and was so pleased to get to be a part of a very special event! You should also know Infiniti is SO so generous to her customers! She always has group gifts, hunts and deals going on  in her store. The shoes worn in the picture above are one of her most recent gifts. She graciously gave away the adorable Euphoric Leopard stilettos as a thank you for her group reaching over 3000 members! One thing that sets Infiniti apart from so many other designers is her original sculpts and textures. Quite often she will add hidden touches to her work to set them apart from the rest! Her attention to detail is amazing! Be sure to stop in as well and wear your new group tag as there are another pair of amazing shoes for you to grab as well!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

SUmmer Hunt Alert!- Ricielli!

When I make up for going missing I make up big. Aside from the 2 amazing things I've posted today I also wanted to make sure you knew about the Summer Hunt going on @ Ricielli

You'll be searching for 20 shells set around the sim. These hunts are not usually hard so grab the goodies while you can!

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

I'm on a roll with the random things today! First of all, I earlier mentioned the week long event being held by Oh Boi! Magazine. I stopped in for a little while and it was pretty fab. Great music, cash prizes and so much more! It's definitely something worth checking out.

While I was wandering the sim I had the pleasure of meeting a new dancer from a SL dance troupe named "The Dramatiques". The 2 videos: Alice in Wonderland and Narnia were pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing them perform live this Wednesday @ 2pm SLT! You can check out their wesite for more tours and dates!

Secondly, taking a slight step away from SL. My new friend also informed me of an awesome opportunity!

From the information recieved:

Stanford University is offering a free online course in Artificial Intelligence (AI) taught by Peter Norvig (Google's Director of Research and author of the classic AI textbook) and Sebastian Thrun (Stanford professor and winner of the DARPA Grand Challenge).  The course is an experiment in an idea called "massive open online courses" where anyone with an Internet connection can take classes without paying tuition.  The online course will run in tandem with the physical class from October to December with online students watching the same lectures, completing the same assignments, and taking the same exams as their Stanford counterparts.  Online students will not receive credit or formal recognition from the university—but they will receive grades for their assignments and exams, and those who complete the course online will get certificates created by the professors.  More than 8,000 people have already signed up for registration notification.  The professors are recommending students buy the class textbook, which is co-written by Mr. Norvig, and dedicate at least 10 hours a week to the course, which Stanford considers an intermediate-level class that requires some mathematical and programming knowledge.  Online enrollment ends Sept 20th and a certificate is being provided upon successful completion of the course.

You can visit the website -HERE- to get more information. The class itself is 10 weeks longs including 8 homework assignments and 2 exams. It sounds like a very interesting experience for anyone who likes to explore new learning experiences. Best of all it's free! While there is no college credit received for those not enrolled at Stanford, it still seems really interesting!

Oh Boi!

Hey guys and gals. I just wanted to share a neat event starting today with ya'll!

Please try to keep an open mind. I enjoy getting the chance to pump up and support all walks of life! I thought I would take a step away from my normal post. Check it out!

From the Press Release:

 Oh Boi! Magazine is pleased to announce its first major advocacy event Oh Boi! The EVENT Aug. 7-14. The EVENT aims to raise awareness of the lesbian, gay, and transgender (LGBT) community, specifically to raise awareness surrounding the discrimination against the bois of Second Life --- real life females living their Second Life as masculine/male avatars –- who face discrimination not only in the LGBT community, but the larger Second Life community as a whole.

    “Though openly hostile comments are uncommon, we still come across attitudes that hint at a subtler form of bigotry,” Oh Boi Editor-in-Chief Adrianne Sautereau said. “Sadly, this passive discrimination is also present in the LGBT community. Before the rest of the world can accept us for who we are, we need to learn how to be more accepting. It has to start with us.”

....   Oh Boi! The EVENT is a week long event including multiple promotions: three fashion shows, all of which are either communities bois or fashion models in support of the cause and a femme show; multiple live performances; poetry night; a sponsor hunt; Broadway nights and a Mad Pea Productions , which will be up and running throughout the event.

....  For more information on Oh Boi! The EVENT, please contact Oh Boi! Event Coordinator Jillian Brunswick or Nox Deigan. For more information on Oh Boi! The Magazine or kiosk information, contact Oh Boi! Editor-in-Chief Adrianne Sautereau.

To stay up to date with the events happenings over the week you can join the Oh Boi! Fans Group in-world. As this is also the magazine group, you can take a few minutes to get to known the magazine itself as well!

"Oh Boi Magazine :
    Founded in late 2009 by Dalia Ahn, its primary target audience was the lesbian community in the virtual world of Second Life, but has since expanded to include the entire Second Life LGBT community. We spotlight controversial issues, fun stories, great sims, new clubs, and talented people. Oh Boi aims to encourage acceptance by raising awareness through education and community building and is currently working on a project that will bridge the gap between our virtual and real lives."

Closing Sale-AMG Boudoir

To make up for my lack of posts:

If you haven't yet, head on over to AMG Boudoir. The entire store is currently marked down to 99L. Hair, shoes, clothing and skins! I honestly don't know how long this sale has been going on but it will only last until tier runs out! Best hurry on over and stock up on the goods! Happy shopping!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nap Time

Hiya folks! So so sorry to have been a bit of a flake lately! I was actually in the hospital! Yuck, I know right! I'm feeling much better now even though I didn't really get any answers. I hate condescending doctors.

Anyways, in honor of my slightly mussed RL look and feel today I'm making it pj day here on the blog! Check out some comfy looks!


Outfit: DCNY-Racerback Set- Vermillion and Grey- Truth District Group Gift(Found in store)
Slippers: Friendly Jonsons (Bunny Slippers) Free on Marketplace (Pink &White versions included)
Hair: D!va- 2nd anniversary hair- Onyx- Group Gift (Free to join! TONS of group gifts and lucky boards around the store!)

That's all for now! Going to catch a few ZzzZzz's!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shine On

Guess what thrifty fashion folks?! Shine is having a 50% off sale for all their military inspired looks! The sale is a limited time only deal but no specific end date has been mentioned!

With the 50% discount prices ranged from 45L-150L for various pieces. If you are looking for even more steals there is also a great purple fringed military jacket as a group gift. There is no fee to join the group!

Happy shopping!