Sunday, July 31, 2011

SL Sartorialist- Shape up or Ship out

It's here! Finally!! I decided it would be a good time to start out my SL Sartorialist piece here on the blog. For those who aren't familiar, I wrote a monthly piece in Pure Magazine. I took my cue from RL Sartorialist - Scott Schuman who started his blog to show pictures of people he stumbled upon on the streets that he thought looked amazing. While I wanted to show pieces of clothing and trendy fashionistas out there I also wanted to take my own spin on things. In the past I chose an overall theme of something that inspired me for the month and ran with it. I've also offered my own fashion opinions and the do's and don't I live by! We'll see exactly how this pans out here!!

I'm sad to say my side kick Winter will not be following me into the blogging world so if you ever see someone or something you thing should be seen feel free to email it to me or send it in in-world!!

TO start out fresh and new I'm beginning this adventure with shapes! Despite being unable to change shape in RL (without cosmetic surgery and hours at the gym!) we are lucky enough to be able to adjust ourselves in SL with sliders. With that in mind I find myself amazed at the good, the bad and the just plain wrong shapes I've encountered throughout my years in SL. I've had every shape out there so I don't believe you have to be stick skinny and 6 feet tall to be amazing... Checcck it out!

Unfortunately one of the most common things you will see in SL are shapes in need of severe help. Too often our shapes are out of proportion and end up looking like a big old hot mess.


When making any shapes in SL or buying them it's important to look at the over all effect. I myself have been the victim of this mismatched shape. Often I'll find a skin I love, work an amazing face around it only to realize afterwards that I look like I've photo shopped a different head on my body.

When trying to make that perfect you, take the time every few steps to cam out and look at the overall effect. If you couldn't imagine it in RL it's probably not going to be so great in SL either. Adding on sculpted parts is one of the fads out there but those triple E boobs are better left if your inventory!


I won't preach too much about skins but I do believe skins play a big part in the way out shapes turn out. Not all skins or shapes are created equal. It's entirely normal to have to tweak a shape when trying different skins. What looks great with that Belleza skin might not be so great with League skins.

(Believe it or not but this is the same shape with 3 different skins. As you can see all three are pretty skins, but they don't all work for the same shape)

Also keep in mind the age range you are going for. If you are playing a child avatar or even a young teen skins loaded with makeup, and adult shading are just not going to work. The same goes for anyone playing with sizes, if the skin ends up looking stretched out it's probably time to swap skins or tweak that shape!

What to wear:

Whether you are big and beautiful or petite and pixie-like I am a true believer in paying attention to how you dress. Just like skins not all system or prim clothing is created equal in SL.

* Disclaimer: I believe everyone in SL has a right to look however they feel fit. The above comments and ideas are simply my own opinions. I mean no disrespect to anyone who chooses to have unique shapes! I simply believe a dose of common sense should be used at all times! hugggs*

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