Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Friday Night

Here we go boys and girls. I've been saving this side of awesomeness for a while now in hopes of finding the perfect moment to show it off. So in honor of friday...

Feast your eyes on this sexy dancing diva! Just in case you live under a rock, only listen to rap, rock, rnb, ooor whatever; this look was taken from Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night' video. When I saw this amazing outfit for FREE I about piddled myself with excitement.

Oh, I tried really hard to find a 80's/90's themed club of some sort but I failed. So I snuck into a club equipment store and snapped a quick pictures. tee hee.. SHHHH.

Outfit: Beautiful Dirty Rich- T.G.I.F- Free on Marketplace here
Hair Pic 1: Analog dog- found in freebie bubble ball on sim
Hair Pic 2: Lelutka- Hair Fair Gift- Not sure if it is available in store yet

Made me Moi:
Mismatched shoes-I have these in world and I made them all by myself if you want to try out the look yourself

Oh man I am so addicted to this it's kind of pathetic. waaatch it!! Okay I'm off to go be an adult now scouts honor!

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