Friday, July 8, 2011

Flying horses

I'm begning to think that starting a blog this week was a horrible idea. We're in the middle of moving out land because we had insane neighbors, no space and not nearly enough prims. At the moment out new plot looks like horses gone wild.

There ya go. A nice big unedited shot of what my new plot currently looks like. As you can see we have floating horses, random prims and then a cute little house. I'm pretty sure my neighbors hate me already. However I can say the floating random stuff isn't mine... so that counts for something... right? RIGHT?!

All this combined with shotty internet service atm = no LOTD. Mostly because on my end I look like a floating cloud. SO there's that. Yeah, not hot.

Okay enough time wasting, back to organizing my house around E & L's horses! It's impossible to put trees, grass and cuteness out with all the randomness going on. I'm impatient!!!!!!

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