Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Formal Complaint

When you are new or even just low on fund like me, finding good quality formal wear takes time and a bit of hunting. If it were not for the generosity of some amazing formal wear designers a lot of us would be walking around in hand me downs and badly textured trends from 2006!

I make it a habit to grab any good quality formal dress I find because you never know when you have a red carpet worth event to strut for! I was lucky enough to find a fantastic dress today for only 1L and I also have been saving one look just for this occasion!

If you happened to read back a bit I showed you the upper part of Gizza's male anniversary gift. This gorgeous creation is it's female counterpart! The details on this dress are amazing quality. The sexy slit, delicate floral and lace details are one of the best quality gifts I've found in a very long time. Both the gown and the male tuxedo are group gifts that you can get -Here! There are also tons of other free group gifts around as well!!

The second lucky find was this pink vintage gown. I love the soft flowy feeling of this dress so so much! ViLada is a new store to me. I'm sure a lot of you have already passed through but this was my first time finding this store. Imagine my excitement when I found she was offering this gorgeous confection for only 1L for a limited time only!! If you aren't into gowns there is also a group gift set along the wall behind this gown!

With these two gowns as a starting off point there is no reason anyone should remain formally unfashionable!!

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