Thursday, July 21, 2011

i LOVE to Romp around

For some reason I am a huge fan of the adult onesie also known as a romper or jumper. They make my heart sing. But only in SL, because let's face it, my rl behind would not be hot in that. No no no. I've managed to gather an ever grown collection of them over the past few months. Khloe = Addict.

This is my new one!

Pastel heaven. SQUEEEE
Romper: Love- Group Gift- 50L fee to join
Shoes: (epoque.s) - Floral Pump- Seasons Hunt (Look for the shark here!)
Jewelry: Pixel Mode- pearl earrings and necklace- Recent group gift
Hair: Hair Shop Nodaka- Hair is no longer availabe however the store has tons of awesome other styles. Colors run between 30L and 50L with 2 lucky boards, a dollarbie, gatcha and group to join for gifts. It's well worth stopping in!

Check out a close up of these awesome jewels. Perfect for a casual day out with friends or a sophisticated night on the town!

I have a super exciting look planned for tomorrow so stay tuned lovelies!

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