Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Updates and news and hunts, Oh my!

I've been a bad bad blogger I knooow. I'm sorry. Due to unforseen circumstances we are forced to be moving across many states tomorrow. That said I've been a little bit of a scatter brained which leaves you faithful readers being forgotten for a bit.

I'll make it up to you, I promise!

In the mean time I've got a few things going on regarding [Blossom]

1. We have a group now! For the time being until i decide to be evil, it will be free to join and will offer updates, releases and exclusive gifties!! You can join : [Blossom]

2. I'm playing with mesh these days and a whole slew of new textures so prepare to SHOOOOPPP... when I'm settled at the new place. :D

3. [Blossom] is in it's first hunt!!! The Tie the Knot hunt to be exact!!

Be sure to check out the link above for a list of all the great designers participating and even a few sneak peak pictures! If you have a wedding coming up or just love pretty things this is the hunt for you. The hunt item is a wring box with ring so be on the look out! <3

Until next week! I promise I'll be back then! <3 XOXO

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dirty Lil...

Secret , of course!

One of the questions people seem to always ask is if I'm married in SL. The answer is always a big fat YES (to my rl hubby just to clarify). I guess some folks get confused because G rarely logs on these days. Mostly because he's out playing in his new RL man cave. Men, so easy to please. It's become a bit of a joke and some people choose to believes he's really just one of my alts. Whatevs.

You can imagine the  joy I had when I stumbled upon a new (to me!) store 'Dirty Lil Secret'. This store is chalk full of goodies and has a few new and older group gifts still around. The most recent group gifty (free to join!) really caught my eye.

'My Heart Belongs to What's His Face'
I literally cracked up and called the hubster in. We had a few snickers over it and I decided it was the perfect V-day outfit! SO fitting really.

I paired this adorable dress with the bandage leggings I snagged at the Back to Black fair, by [Sleeping Koala]. I am so so in love with these. I've always had this love for leggings but I just haven't found a lot that go with most of my clothes. I've been wearing these for quite a few days now and I just can't help but be in love with them.  Annnd of course, shoes by [Blossom] 125L @ 50% off! Sale ends tomorrrow!

Until Next Time! XOXO

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I think My Desires are Pretty Reasonable, Don't you?

Be warned these may be a little bit NSFW for some!

I've been so behind on the 12 days of Lingerie that it didn't even seem right to continue.  I have so much adorable lingerie that I got a littler overwhelmed with myself trying to sort and remember. So imagine my surprise when Austie from Reasonable Desires passed me a fatpack of some of the total cuteness shes got available right now!

Pictured Left: Delfina @ 99L , Pictured Right: Valentina @ 50L & Trans until Feb 15th!!

Shoes: [Blossom} Relptilian Funk- Aqua & Beat of my Ruby Red Heart (Gatcha Item Available Until Feb 14th!!!


FREE UNDIES! Austie and Marti are so awesome that they have put this adorable 3 pack of cute heart covered undies out for free!!

Little bit closer! I was having such PC issues this afternoon!!
I'm pretty sure this is the closest to naked I've ever gotten on this blog! Almost makes me break out in a cold sweat.. phew.

What's say I put some clothes on before we continue? Sounds dandy to me!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Party Crashers

Evening my lovelies!!

With Valentine's day just around the corner it's no surprise that weddings are popping up all over the grid! A new friend and employee is no exception in this case. After tossing aside at least 10 dresses I finally dragged myself out to buy something cute and formal that isn't circa 2008.

*Cringe* Outdated much?! It seems I went through a phase where I tinted everthing I owned purple. It just was not a pretty sight and well a girl has to look her best at a wedding.
         (Dress from G*Field) Ps I'm not an amputy, my leg is just hiding. yay lag!

Encouraged by looking cute I decided t extend the invite to thew hubby. He got all jazzed  up and spiffy which is a huge difference from his normal grungy attire. Yes ladies, he's one of those av's that wears the same outfit always. Ive tried shopping and changing to no avail... Anyways. Little did I know putting GC and my boss man Ski together would be the equivalent of putting together a group of 12 year olds...

Men! I swear, you can't take them anywhere! I supose they just didn't want to show their true feelings :P

Shortly after the ceramony We were invited to join a precious reception... THings didn't get much better with my man. Maybe he's just in dire need of some male friends time?

Pimp suit... boogey dancing. GAWD. He's lucky I love him

Oh, and please ignore the fact that my pictures look like a newbie took them! I simply can't use ultra settings at weddings. Everyone ends up looking like a ruthed hot mess to me :/

Oh and BTW!!

Don't forget [Blossom] is having a 50% off sale!!!! Be sure to stay tuned as we've been invited to the Seraphim Freebie event AND our very first hunt! Exciting, no?! Looking forward to sharing this exciting time with you all!

Until Next time!! XOXO

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Go Back to Black

Hello darlings,

Unless you've been under a rock I'm sure you have heard about Chic Management. As many of you know the original use of this amazing group of people was to promote awareness on mental health and it's effect on everything we do in life. Chic has since exploded onto the grid hosting well known events and hunts all the time. I have the opportunity to be one of their bloggers these days and I just wanted to take a moment to post the new items that will be available for the 'Back to Black' event coming up February 11th as Chic Management goes back to it's roots.

It's incredibly refreshing to see a group with so much power in SL take a step back from themselves and use their popularity in auch a selfless way. Please keep in mind of course that this event is about awareness and not a charity event. Also keep in mind that some of the designers have chosen to include little snipet notes in their items so please take a moment to look at them. The group of this event is a pretty neat one as it is focused around special words of hope. It's a really powerful event and I strongly urge you to go!

These are just  *FEW* of the items you can buy at this awesome event.

Also I apologize for using pre-made pics for some. I rarely do that but this week has been oddly busy for me and I absolutely wanted to make sure you got a bit of a sneak peak! Believe me when I say this is just a tip of the iceburg! You can check out the list of stores to see if your favorites are participating!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our home is haunted...

SO I previously wrote about intruders on our land...

What happens when something WEIRD happens and there is no one else around to have done it?!

 PLease excuse my giant picture. I took a sleeping pills... so yeah..

Anyway! You see those 3 lamps?! Guess what... they are "owned" by me.. but I never put them out. As in... I bought that lamp when we had our old land. When we bought the new plot I redecorated and chose a different lamp.. soo. WTF is that lamp doing suddenly sitting in the middle of my cat habitat, my grassy hill and our living room?! Some SL guru please explain to me why 15 minutes ago when i tped into my land there were no lamps and now there are 3...I've had this and for about 3 weeks and never once rezzed that lamp here.. Im not even using the same furniture as before...


Ps. can we all just overlook the fact that my circles and question marks resemble that of a 5 year old. MMK

I think as much as I love the colors of that lamp it must be perma deleted from my inventory now. It's just freakin weird. also this isn't some SL prank on just me because others can see it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who Likes a Sale?! I do I do!!

Hello Lovelies!!

[Blossom] Is in full bloom and boy do I have Goodies for you!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good deal or sale. With that in mind it seemed a bit silly for me not to offer the same things that I love in my own store! This means I've been working super hard to make sure you all get a little something special!

1. Valentine's Sale!!  ❤❤❤

50% off select RED, PINK & PURPLE Shoes in store! This means select styles and colors are marked down to 125L & 150L! Sale Starts Feb. 9th -Feb 14th
**Custom orders do not apply**

2. Valentine's Day Gatcha! ❤❤❤

4 never before released styles for 50L per try! Unlike most of my items, these special gifts boxes are transferable before being unpacked so that you can trade with your friends or just give a gifty away!

3. [ Blossom] Group Va. Subscribo... Which do you prefer?

I'm debating between which to do, or both? Thoughts anyone?

Hope you all enjoy the new items and what not!

Make sure to pop in and at least grab the free gift ! -Here-

Until Next Time! XOXO

If it's Not One Thing...

Hello Lovelies!!

I should absolutely be in bed, but I couldn't resist a good rant tonight! I have been so horribly busy the last few days!

First off, before I rant!!! I'm planning a wee sale for V-day at [Blossom]

Yup! A SALE! We all know how I love a good sale, so I figured it would be super rude of me not to offer you all one now! Select PINK, RED & PURPLE items will be marked down to as low as 125L! There's also a freebie and time assuming I may actually get out another gifty as well! We'll see. Like I said >> Swamped

Here's another reason I've been swamped..
I got another collection out Finallllly! Yay!!

Okay, so enough about shoes..(pffft).. Rant time!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

12 Days of Lingerie take 3, and 4!

I'm such a slacker on this! I decided due to multiple things to combine both 3 and 4 for the 12 Days of Lingerie Challenge.

I'm doing something a bit more different this time around then normal. With most of my photos I don't edit more then a few discolorations and some wonky elbows or body parts that SL has decided to morph into a pointy object. With that in mind I decided to play around with filters during this challenge. I've added some vintage looks, made some grainy, played with colors. It's been interesting to get my hands on some of the wonky tools I normally mis-use or overlook!

Check out my most recent two looks!

It's a bit hard to see as I took this the other night while SL was hating me. I was looking for edgy and ended up playing with my Shibari ropes. I normally don't use them unless I'm fooling around or for an event these days but.. well. They are , admittedly, pretty neat! I paired them with an oldie but goody- body stocking from Reasonable Desires and [Blossom] Chained Heels. Having worked at RD for over a year I still have some pretty sweet duds! This particular body stocking looks to be no longer available... However...

All the Lingerie at Reasonable Desires is being sold for 20L-99L. There are SO many options to choose from and a few of the items are tintable! All of the items are transferable as well so it makes for the perfect gift for that special someone or heck for that best gal pal!! If you are lacking in funds there is a 10L gatcha, as well as multiple Lucky Chairs!

Looking past all the goodies you can snag, the sim is something pretty awesome as well. Set in a black and white 40's style it's perfect for those ultra glam backdrops! This is a store I've known pretty much since my first weeks in SL. It's one I was a loyal employee of for over a year and one I'm shamed to say I've often overlooked for the big named stores.. Sad really. Austie and Marti are pretty brilliant. While the may not be using the premade sculpties that so many designers buy (myself included so no bashing meant) they do all hand drawn textures. The attention to detail is amazing and what some people don't know is that these designers are pretty awesome folks. After having meant some less than friendly designers in my day it's refreshing to see two people still so in touch with it all...

I guess this makes me think of a story I was reading recently about "Cash Mobs" Pretty much calls are going out all over the US inviting folks to small mom and pop stores and just people flooding in and buying items from  them. It has nothing to do with bashing the big name stores but I think it's a lesson we could all use. Sometimes we get so focused on the big name brands or the "popular" brands we forget about someone who has been around longer then most of us and still giving it a go. Wouldn't it be a super special idea if a few of you folks did a little cash mob? Think about it , ey?

Friday, February 3, 2012

12 days of Lingerie - take 2

I'm on a roll tonight. Hahah or I just haven't crawled into bed yet! Here's another look from Gogo's 12 Day's of Lingerie Challenge!!

I had some fun playing with filters on Gimp I normally avoid. A little vintage filter, a few others and voila! This gorgeous lavender colored cuteness is a super steal from Phoenix Rising! It also comes with pow attachments fro the garters which are not shown here! Shoes are a custom creation by me for [Blossom]! I've been playing around with some Valentine's day ideas

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't you leave me Broken Hearted...Up for a challenge!

Evening Lovelies!

All I have to say is God bless Karmin and Blogger Challenges. Sometimes I stare at my post page blankly with NO clue what to show you today. I really really needed a challenge so when I saw Gogo's " 12 Days of Lingerie" Challenge I was ALLLL over that. I went through about 50 different looks before I finally said "fugetabout it". This is my pouty, pining look for today!

Lingerie worn is the Kyoot Stumblebum item for 90L!

BTW I totally love Karmin's new song. I've pretty much loved on them and shared it with ya'll pretty often on here! Hope you guys like it as much as I did! I'm pretty thankful that my hubby was outside working most of the day because I pretty much listened to this beat non-stop. I know. I'm lame. So sue me :P

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LOTD: Skinny Budget 4 Lisa Frank style

Afternoon lovelies!

Does anyone remember the awesomeness of Lisa Frank?! When I was a kiddo Lisa Frank was all the rage. Bright colors, awesome patterns.. stickers, stationary, you name it. It was all a pretty big deal if you had all the sets and such.

Anywho I was doing my normal blog snoop when i stumbled on the latest posting from Freebies for Cece. I won't lie I immediately reverted to a small girl and fell back in love with Lisa Frank all over again. The dress Cece was showing was literally something out of  the Lisa Frank handbook for adults. Loves.LOVES

I absolutely had to scoop this dress up and I was even more amazed to learn it was a FREE group gift from *CK* Crazy Kitty!!! I hopped on down and immediately my eyes were overloaded with bright funky color combos. If you are into that sort of deal... this place is for you. There are numerous group gifts, lucky chairs and prize things all around.
Because of the bright funky nature of the dress I kept everything else a bit simple this time around. I decided to pair it with the freebie item I have out at [Blossom]! 

Oh yeah...Remember I last mentioned I'd decided to make shoes? Guess what?!