Monday, July 18, 2011

LOTD- July 18th Utterly Clueless

Have you ever been trying on an outfit and had some odd flashback to a movie character? While trying on some of the adorable freeness I got over the weekend I was overcome with memories from the movie 'Clueless' circa 1995. I had this odd memory of Alicia Silverstone when she was trying to impress "Christian" (aka. RL actor Justin Walker). Perhaps it was a the hair combined with the dresses? Who knows.

It seemed fitting to channel a bit of old school "Cher"-the character not the singer!- into my LOTD.

Worn: Circus Noir- Floral Dress and Bracelet- Greedy Hunt gift (Look for strawberry!)

Worn: Acid & Mala- Halter Dress- Flowers - TOSL group gift in store

I think the hairstyle from Catwa is probably what brought on the memories. I normally abhor hair that is made from way too many flexi prims, but this soft messy up-do is a keeper in my book!

Worn: Catwa- Hadeya Hair-Espresso- Previous group freebie

If I learned nothing else from today, I now know my search abilities need help. I was hoping to grab a snap in a cute school setting to really add to the movie reference, however that didn't happen. I did manage to tp myself into a fetish club though. However named girls over desks didn't really fit the look I was hoping to grab. Oh boy..

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