Sunday, July 17, 2011

LOTD- July 17 Mix it and Match it

This weekend has been busy for any of my thrifty friends out there! Hunts galore and a ton of awesome sales. As I mentioned in my last post there is a 3 day sale going on right now at Onyx Wear and all over the sim it resides on! I got some awesome makeups at V.E.L that I mentioned before so I thought I would show you my new favorite!! It's a bit different from my normal look but sometimes I need a change!

 Squee! I love the dark details on  this. It is one tattoo that covered the eyes nose and cheeks so you need not worry about using too many layers. This is great if you happen to use a viewer like Singularity that does not support multiple layer options.

Makeup: V.E.L- Day of the Dead-Purple (10L this weekend only HERE!)
Hair: Analog Dog- Joy-Jet Free @ Landing
Outfit: Gizza- First Year Gift-Male Free (Note: This is the male suit, there is a female gown as well. Group gift!)

I had attempted to take a shot of a more mainstream outfit for you...but..

SL was apparently having none of that. Somehow it managed to morph two or three of my ready made looks into one monster. Oddly enough I was so focused on an IM that my first clue in was the random pony tail sticking out of my head. Then the other items started to come into focus. As an added bonus despite a relog I am unable to actually detach some of the wayward items. Oh SL how I love thee...

(My hubby thought this was a neat outfit. This is why I don't let him help pick out outfits. *shakes head*)

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