Monday, July 25, 2011

LOTD- July 25th - Rain Over Me

I'm trying to stay calm cool and collected about this whole wedding ordeal but I'm failing miserably. As I mentioned this is the first supposedly SMALL wedding for legal purposes. Somehow my group of 10 has morphed into 30. yeah. so...STRESS.

With that in mind after a long and harrowing phone conversation with my dad I ended up listening to the new Pit bull and Marc Anthony song on repeat. I don't want to like it but I do for some reason. Weird.

My LOTD felt inspired by rainy days which is fitting as it has to do with not only the song but the current weather outside my little window. Check it out!

Outfit: Pesca- Linen Romper -Poupee Hunt item
Hair/hat: Wildo- k2/05- Poupee Hunt item
Boots: U.F.O- Rainy Rainy Boots- Poupee Hunt Item
Necklace: Willow- Rain Drop Necklace- Tarnished Silver- Project Themeory Item (Comes with gold version as well)

As you can see the majority of my goodies today have come from the PouPee hunt. I found the hunts website to be very helpful as it has pictures of all the items, a list of stores involved and a hint list. You are looking for a little red doll!

Project Themeory this week tied in perfect with how I was feeling. I love the jewelry from Willow and these rain drop necklaces were so affordable (75L for 2) that it was impossible to pass up! Yay for good deals

Oh yeah. I also learned not to leave my avatar unattended. I was looking for a good rainy or flooded location to show off my cute boots. However during tp my honey came home for lunch so I just left myself wherever I landed... I came back to this:

I wasn't sure how to react. His face looked mad yet he was shooting hearts all over the place... and me. Note to self, always tp home before you got AFK!

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