Friday, July 15, 2011

LOTD- July 14th SL ATE my Landmarks

No, I'm serious, it did! I swear!! I had this magical idea to cut back on the amount of random in my inventory by loading random objects in to boxes, poses into pose stands and lm's into notecards. Guess what? I have a #$%# ton of LM's that I now can't open because SL has decided to not respond to my pathetic clicking . FAIL.

So that's my somewhat excuse if I randomly tp into someones home, bed, office... whatever. I had a flash of someone screaming, " A dingo ate my baby!" creepy.

Anyways, enough blabbering. On the the good stuff! When it comes to most of my looks I tend to style the entire deal around one object or thought. I might see a RL look I like or find a shirt that absolutely needs a theme. When I found this amazing hair from Plume my brain went a little nuts with the possibilities. I debated between beachy or retro. Retro almost always wins in my book.

Ch-ch-check it out!

I decided not to go too true to era as some woman I passed 'kindly' pointed out. Thanks for the input, just you wait until I revive my old article from Pure Magazine. HA! Better watch you back!-I sound big bad and tough.. too bad I'm a teddy bear.

Anyways.. Worn today!!:

Top: G*Field- Ruffle top-White
Bottoms: Mon Tissu- Lou Lou- Dark
Tattoo (arms): Para Designs- Sailor Girl-Black in Medium (Previous TOSL hunt item) Unfortunately the TOSL hunt item is no longer out, but lucky for you all there are freebies in the front of the shop as well as a discount room!

I am absolutely in love with this hair! It's fun and flirty for summer. I always worry about severe hair styles as it tends to make my face look square but this style is absolutely adorable!

Hair: Plume- Plumeria in Soil
Eye Liner: P.Art- Foxy
Lips: Elegant Epiphany- No longer available to my knowledge. sad face! I really did tried to find it but ended up being accosted by some foul mouth folks that now hang out on the sim. UGH.

That's all folks. Enjoy your weekend!

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