Thursday, July 28, 2011

Overwhelmed but up for a Challenge

Sometimes my brain just can't handle everything that get thrown at it. I'm juggling so much in my RL and have far too many amazing things to show you all in SL. INstead of sitting down and getting it all under control I decided to go peeping for a new blogger challenge. Yay for me I found one! I'm starting a week late but that's not so bad!

The newest blogger challenge I have decided to partake in is the: Blog Hero Challenge Week 2: Don't Fear the Reaper.

The idea behind the challenge is that the amazing Shayariel Teardrop picks lyrics for a song weekly and we get to do our own photo representation of said lyrics. It can be a scene, artistic view... whatever pleases you! You can check out her first week -here- where she explains about it in a bit more detail!

This weeks lyrics are:

"All our times have come
Here but now they're gone
Seasons don't fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain..we can be like they are
Come on baby...don't fear the reaper
Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper
We'll be able to fly...don't fear the reaper
Baby I'm your man..."

I was super excited about this because my bestie in SL loves to romp around in her Lady Death avatar she spent forever working on. You'll often see us riding around, me all bright and shiny, her all dark and deadly. I thought she would be a fantastic reaper for my picture! There are a few giggles behind the thoughts for this as well :P

I tried to play around with Gimp a bit on this but I'm really not so good at it...

Thanks again to Shayariel for the awesome experience!!


Simone/ said...

This is Shay :-) Awesome pic! Love it <3

Rudhmellowen said...

Hello Khloe I found your blog, yay you joined the challenge too... this pic is cool, I'm never gonna try to work out Gimp, looks like Im stuck in photoshop!!! Love the pic though! x