Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bah Humbug

Just a bit of a quick downer post. oh.. and a holiday sale thing.

I needed a mini rant.!

DO you know what annoys me? The feeling of not being "worthy" of a designers. I completely missed Christmas in SL land last year because I was travelling. As the days have loomed closer this year I've made more of an effort to stop in and not only find gifts but to spend my hard earned Lindens in stores I may not always remember or have the cash flow to go to.

This past week I've been pretty much horribly weak and sick so I haven't really been on except to promote the store sale. About 2 nights ago I went into scramble mode to catch up on advent calendars and what not. I stopped in one rather well known store (I won't bother naming it because I hate the drama llama, but yeahhh) There were some supreme items that I would have gladly paid the back prices for. Only one minor issue.. The advent calendar was VIP group only and some brilliant soul had decided that the group should be closed to new entries until AFTER it was over.

Maybe it's just me but I see SO many stupid problems with this:

In this case for someone like me you not only lost out on the money from my joining the group, you lost out on any money I would have willing paid in back pricing for days I had missed in the advent calendar.. You also annoyed me so much you've lost out on any future sales as well. By shutting down a group you've pretty much made it clear you don't care. You don't care that someone new stumbled into your store and now feels like their prospective membership and sales don't matter. You don't care that someone would have been a loyal member and would have spent enough money to feed an entire wardrobe. You don't care that I no longer wish to give you my time and money. Because I was late to the party I have to wait like the bad kid in class until the masses have made away with their goodies and then by the time you deem I am again worthy of joining your group you'll also decide to inflate your prices to a point where it's not even worth the effort any more.

I'm really annoyed about this. As a designer I understand that many people join and leave just for the free stuff. But for the most part having a pay group tends to stop that. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Anyway. Merry Holidays or whatever. Also [Blossom] is having an uber sale until the beginning of the New Year or longer (whenever I decide to stop being sick. Bleck)

you can find Different discounted items At BOTH [Blossom] locations- Reasonable Desires and Superior

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ho HO HO @ [Blossom]

Hello loves,

It's been a while! I've been working super hard on getting the new store location up. It's not even half done but I've temp opened it for Christmas goodies! I've got new boots, sweaters, jeans pants and dresses! I haven't even put up most of my older stuff.. But I will. eventually!

I've also started a new Group Rewards program. Basically you join the group for 50L. You get first dibs on sales and awesome discounts. For example I'm currently offering my new sweaters for 100L to group members compared to the price of 175L none group members can pay. I've also got 5 special edition dresses for the holidays I'm offering for 150L for group and 300L for non. I'm hoping more for a lot of things with this. I'm hoping to easily offer more group related and non group related sales more often, I'm hoping to build up a loyal group base that can benefit from better pricing.. SO much. We'll see. I'm only offering the group discounts at the new location right now to see how they go. You can read more about it by locating the signs around the new location

 - HERE-

Sneak peek! Come check it all out!

There is also an ice skating rink, The Blue Lotus (Lilly's hangout club), and a few random buildings. As soon as I finish the store set up I'm unveiling my branch of Makeups and we hope to put in a few more little hangouts as well! Hope you enjoy!

And in case you haven't seen. These are a few of the newest releases at the new location:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boobies.. uhm yeah


Quick post to let ya'll know [Blossom] has a little something for the Boobie Thon!

I've priced this custom dress and heels set @ 250L. All proceeds go to the 'Feel Your Boobies Foundation'. Please support :D -HERE-


If you haven't seen I've opened a second store recently. As a little incentive to check it out I've placed a limited edition cheapie @ 50L for you to snag! It's a little preview of something I'm currently working on! Hope you like!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What do you wear under there?

Hello lovelies!

If you've ever scanned my blog then you know I'm a huge mesh fan. For the most part I've stuck to dresses and sweaters but I've been expanding into tops and even jeans as of late.

On a recent shopping trip into a mesh filled store one thing really struck me. There were a LOT of naked people walking around. A LOT. At first glance it looked like the nudist colony had decided to run a raid and I was a bit appalled. As things began to rez a bit for me those naked folks were suddenly wearing mesh items.

A lot of people who wear mesh slap on the alpha layer to squeeze themselves into a size and that's that. Most folks never consider the fact that while the alpha layer might suck up your extra thigh junk and erase the junk in your trunk... it leaves some private parts on total display.

My computer runs pretty fast.. in fact it's pretty kick ass. But there are days when SL is just laggy and it takes time to rez in. During those moments I see a lot of naked people and or people covered in alpha layers and little yellow triangles until they properly show up. It can be a bit daunting when the girl standing a few meters from me has an AO that jumps up and down and then touches her toes all while her naught bits are bouncing and full frontal. I'm not a prude but YEESH.

I guess I've always kept a close eye on what I wear with my mesh. When mesh was first introduced I would wear some now and then and I almost always got told I was naked, invisible or some variation. So I started wearing a few extra layers.l Let's face it, this is SL.. extra generally doesn't bulk you up. So I now have a cute collection of underthings and plain layers that I can toss under something. I might wear a cute undies set or even a set of jeans under my jeans. You never know who doesn't see you the way you see yourself!

SO that leads to the question? What do YOU wear under there? Are you a bare it all kind of person or are you conscious of what you have on and how someone might view you?

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hello loves!

Just a quicky to show some new poses I picked up recently!!

Focus Poses has been pumping out tons of new goodies at way affordable prices! I tend to be a huge fan of their model line because they have just the right amount of visual attitude without going overboard. I'm showing this time around a jumble of poses from the Model packs 100, 101 and 102! Believe me when I say this isn't even all of them, just a few of my favs! enjoy

Thursday, August 30, 2012

[Blossom] Summer Sale

Hello darlings!

I'm having a bit of a clean-out sale!! I've marked everything down 50% or more so nothing except the fatpacks cost over 90L! This is a steal and deal so don't miss it!

Topping it off I will be retiring some older items once this is over to make room for new things!

All items will be discounted in my MAINSTORE only!
Hope you all enjoy a long weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New @ [Blossom]

Hello Darlings!

JUst a quick peak at [Blossom]'s newest release!!

24 cute color/textures! Hope you enjoy! only 150L each

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mon Tissu- 20% off Sale!

I personally cleaned my savings out at this sale. I loooove Mon Tissu but funds are tight and I've passed up on some cute items lately. I splurged more than I'd planned too but c'monnnn it's worth it!

Go check it out!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Reasonabvle Desires- Birthday Hunt & New Releases!

Hello darlings! I've got so much to show you!

The lovely ladies of Reasonable Desires are celebrating their 6th year open this month! 6 years! OH MY! IN honor of this milestone Austie and Marti have opted to releases some new goodies AND have a hunt!

If you love costumes, lingerie and vintage looks this is just the thing for you!! There we so many things and I really wanted to get this out to you all so I picked and choosed a bit. Check out the hunt items and get a glimpse of some of the gorgeous new releases!

Cute huh?!

The new releases are just as fab!! Here's a gander at just a few!!

And while you're there... You maay as well check out...

[Blossom]! I have 2 new releases for ya'll in store as well as last months late releases!!

Oh and did I mention I'm retiring my Back to Basics Shoes?! Yep! I've got a brand new collection to take their place! All new sculpts and textures and well let's be honest.. a lot more detailing! I'll be releasing those later next week so until that time I have my old Back to Basics' marked down to only 75L! Grab em while you still can! -While you're there be sure to check out the subscriber for the most recently sent goodie- a special unreleased version of the Sweet Peplum dress!

Hope you enjoy!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

[Blossom] New Releases!

hello darlings!

I've finally come out of my hole to show you some of the new goodies in store! I have sooo many things piling up that I just had to get these out!! Take a look and hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hello darlings,

It's been a few days and I'm feeling like I should explain. I've been in a bit of a personal funk for a while now and I'm only just starting to piece myself back together.I love blogging, I love being in SL and creating- But I need some space.

I need to spend time focusing on what I expect from my life. And, hell, It's summer! I want to spend that time doing all the things my husband has in store. We'll be married for a year next month. I need to focus on that... we've had a long rocky year though we couldn't be stronger together <3

I've let a few people down recently in my decision to step back some and for that I'm sorry. Please know that I *will* still be around and I absolutely WILL be focusing my time on [Blossom]. [Blossom] is not going anywhere so shop away!

I may however be taking tiny breaks in between blogging.It shouldn't be much of a change from what it is now.. but I wanted you to know I hate the thought of this blog going silent so if you have a whim to take a stab at writing.. contact me. I've been considering looking for bloggers for a bit now.

Also, Sunday marks the start of Seraphim Turns One Hunt. I have an item out in my store! It's a little bit different from what I've been offering so I hope you enjoy. You can get more information on their website! -HERE-

Or head over to my store and grab the hunt item itself! It's 10L (valued over 250L) and  is a cupcake with wings and a candle. My store isn't big, you should have NO problem finding it!

And lastly, [Blossom] is participating in The Retreat again! I've got items offered there at only 50L so check it out!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This Blog is...

That's right. One year of bumbling, blogging, ranting and love! I really honestly thought I would have moved on by now but I'm still standng! With 141 posts, and over 12000 views this year I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who gave me a chance and a little shove along the way!

Your designs and dedication is what pushed me to keep going! Here's to many more bigger and better years!


Friday, June 29, 2012

I'll Hypnotize you with my Awesome Powers

Hello darlings!

Hypnotizing Creations has the most adorable group gift out right now!

This may be a store you've never heard of but if you are into cute, affordable, bright and somewhat whimsical ourdoor decor and home objects- this place is right up your alley. My friend Jaz happens to be a amanger here so I tend to get a clue in to ALLLL the goodies! The group is free to join and Kyya is super generous with her items. Theres a lucky cupcake for you to take a stab at for gifts, group gifts, daily 10L items and even a Lucky Board. If you haven't been- I suggest you do. If not for anything more than grabbing this gem.

Cute huh? It makes me want to find a gypsy costume and go set up someplace weaving absurd fortunes! Love <3

Please also excuse the lack of photo awesomeness here. I was so super excited over this that I pretty much snapped something raw!

What are you waiting for?! Go grab this!

Ps. For you prim hogs out there this whole deal is only a whopping 10 prims!

UNtil Next Time! XOXO

[Blossom] Holiday Sale

Hello my darlings!

*I am having a little holiday sale starting TOMORROW June 30th - July 6th!

During this time ALL shoes will be discounted to 50L! (Please note this sale does not include fat packs)

Okay so lets be honest after getting so much feedback I set my prices today. Go! go shop!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bad Neighbor Blues

Hello darlings!

I needed a bit of a rant today so if that doesn't interest you I suggest you move along :D

I'm begining to feel like I have a curse on me when it comes to my SL neighbors. In the past I've spoken about unwanted guests, tacky decor ruining my view and all sorts of bad neighbor bits and pieces.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wild Thang: For your body

Hello my darlings!

As you may have seen in my previous post I made some adorable bright summery shoes called 'Wild Thang: Sherbet Set'.

I decided after a bit of time to make matching dresses for each set of shoes as well!

LOve me some bright color combos! I hope you all enjoy! You can snag these dresses for 150L a pop -Here-

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wild Thang -[Blossom] Release

Hello Darlings!

I come baring gifts from my own store this weekend!

It's been a while since I've had a new release and while I have tons of things on the back burner I wanted to get something new and summer friendly out to everyone!

Aren't they adorable?! I am currently offering them in: Toxic Waste, Sun Burst (Both shown), Wild Wave, Funk Fusion and Sky Crush- 150L each!

I've also thrown in an added goodie. I decided to retire my original opening gift and have replaced it with an unreleased version of the Wild Thang: Sherbert Set! This new goodie is called Indigo Electrified and is set for free on the table along with the previous Spring Gift!

I hope you enjoy these! I'm using all new sculpts and brand new hand done textures! Be sure to check them out! You can say I've been inspired by the mix and match bright colors of the season and wanted to share them all with you!

Sang them at [Blossom]'s Main Store -HERE-

Until Next Time!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

And ::BOOM:: Went my Focus

Hello my darlings!

THis evening I bring you a cahce of meshy, bright goodness!

::BOOM:: currently has these 3 adorable mesh dresses in fantastic bright neonish hues. Love love love. I actually made a pair of heels just to match one look! i'm only showing 2 of the three today but the unshown one is a teal/purple medley. <3.. Take a peek!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PurpleMoon with a bit of Focus

Hello loves!

Well my previous issues have mostly been fixed by now. The only upset in the entire deal is my inability to take pictures on the Firestorm viewer -UGH. However my amazing hubby hunted down a new viewer that seems to be picture worthy if not completely my style! So never fear! I have a new post!

First off if you happen to know of PurpleMoon then you know this month is a month of prizes, goodies, sales and hunts galore! It's been pretty amazing and Poulet is so generous! I finally was able to breech the 'sim full' barrier and mae it in for the Pearl Hunt running until June 30th! This is a must do hunt if you love gorgeous gowns! There are 14 pearls in all and each one holds one piece to a lovely purple gown , hair and all sorts of jewelry to match!

All items shown are part of the ::PM:: Pearl hunt! Please be aware you must be a group member to participate! There is only a small fee to join (I believe only 50L). Also, the hair shown is resize-able and color changeable as well!

I also snagged a recent release from Focus Poses to show you all as well! Both poses above are part of the collection as well as these shown below. I'm a huge fan for dramatic poses so when i open a pack and the first ones I try work perfectly with my clothes I am a super happy gal!

Love! Go check em out!

Until Next Time! XOXO

Monday, June 18, 2012

Good news or Bad news firts?

Hello darlings,

Well, I have good news and I have badnes regarding myself, SL and this blog...

The good news? I finally got updates to a kick butt computer. I won't spout the mumbo jumbo of the whats and whatever, but trust me it's awesome. My new video card makes my old one look like a baby, my 6 core processor is happy as a clam.

I however.. am not. I've got this amazing computer with some major flaws. It hates SL.. As in I need a 64 bit version of Firestorm for Linux and well... my husband is working on  compiling that as we speak. Another major flaw is that I don't currently have a desk and the area I need to position my hard drive is well...too far and thus ignores my mouse and keyboard. I'm currently looking a bit the the hunch back and using my lap as a desk space. SUCK.

Long story short. I can't upload any of my new textures which has put my creating on lock down for at least a day or two. --Insert Major cursing streak here-. I have SO many things coming up that I need new and awesome items for.

What this means- I'll be takig a short break until this is sorted out. I'll be inworld but there will be no pictures or posts or new shoes for a few days

Until Next Time


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FOCUS on Sharodie

Hello lovelies!

My best gal Jazmine recently turned me on to a store I had as of yet, to find myself. She knows I'm a huge fan of a deal and anything cute and meshy so when she told me about Sharodie's Desgin I knew I had to take a peak. I'm usually pretty skeptical when someone tells me I need to check something out. I get in the mindset of " well, if I haven't found it by now...", But every once in a blue moon i find myself pleasantly surprised. Designer Sherodie Nightfire has really put out a well rounded store for the budget conscious fashionista!

The store ranges from club-wear, to casual wear, Gowns to wedding wear, skins and just about everything you  can thing of. I'm a huge fan of one stop shopping! Her wedding wear really made me want to have a wedding re-do just so I could snag some of the awesome dresses, and for those who dig bridesmaids there are a TON of gorgeous gowns that would work perfect for the bridal party or just a fashion forward guest!

For those of you who don't have a buck to spare or just want to try her things out she's got 8 amazing group gifts! 5 gowns, 2 skins and a cute little outfit as well! The group is currently free to join and it's well worth it There's even a new mesh dress in the recent history too! Of course once you've snagged those gifties you MUST check out the remainder of the store! From my experience it looks like everything clothng costs 10L- 29L! yeah.. I know right?! Even wedding gowns and full outfits! OMG!! THe only thing that will run you more than those prices seems to be skins which cost 199L- 499L- That's still cheaper than just about most places onthe grid. Don't let the prices fool you, the items are adorable and I'm obcessed with the mesh dress in the group history. It's vibrant and adorable and well made. Seems like this designer is all about the goodness of her heart and making sure we can all walk around looking beautiful!

Check out just a FEW of the gifts she's currently got:

You'll have to excuse my raw pictures tonight, I've been dealing with a really bad internet connection for the past few weeks and to make matters worse my good PC up and died on me last night! Jst poof, fade to black. I need to get that figured out. But anyway I at least wanted to make sure you got to see these goodies! The above 3 are absolutely free group gifts!

The poses used tonight are from FocusPoses. I've recently discoveed this gem of a pose store as well. I've mentioned them in a few of the past poses. I'm using 2 poses from the model 65 set this time around. If you are looking for afordable and somewhat unique style poses this is another great store to check out. They offer 3 lucky boards, some freebies and are participating in a few hunts currently! I'm a total convert. It's unusual for me to post where my poses are from because usually they end up jumbled inmy poser, but I was so excited about all the adorable poses I recieved that I just had to make it's own special poser for this store. Get over there!

and finally... check out these gems from N-core!

Behold their adorableness! They also happen to be FREE! N-core recently released these in store as their latest group gift. The group was still free so get down there and grab yourself a pair of fierce feline heels!Meeoow

Until next time!! XOXO

Sunday, June 3, 2012

CHIC2- Oops I did it again

I swore I was going to be good and leave some things for others to blog but I just keep noticing things I MUST have and though you all might want them too!

If you haven't heard about the CHIC2 birthday event then you live under a rock. You can check my last 3 previous posts for a nibble of info!

Or you can just check below and see what's being offered this time around!

    Dress: [CIA Designs] Party Dress
    Lipstick: Pekka Flora pack Purple
    Necklace: MG -Eden Sun Pendent

   Dress: <Geometry> Pink & Purple (MESH)

   Swimsuit- Sn@tch- Bettie Swimsuit- Jade

You can snag these items -HERE- once the event opens! 

Until Next Time! XOXO

CHIC2- Kotketa

Oh my goodness, I think I  just meshed myself. As you may have seen in my past 2 posts, Chic is celebrating it's 2nd birthday! They really have a large group of generous and amazing designers  set up this time!

The event will run from June 3rd at 4pm SLT - This is MIDNIGHT GMT and CHIC's official 2nd birthday is June 4th. and will end on June 24th at 4pm SLT

I've already shown some of the items from coldLogic, PM, and Frooti. I have to say though, the absolutely gorgeous Mesh dresses from Koketa really caught my eye this time. I'm a huge lover of dresses and I especially love anything with a wicked pattern to it.

These are just 3 of the 6 color/pattern combos you can snag. I am absolutely in LOVE with the bright yellow pattern shown. It makes me feel like a ray of sunshine! The sequined number above is only available in black, however the other two dresses are both available in green and red as well!

You can snag these items -HERE- once the event opens! 

Until Next Time! XOXO