Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Things I forgot About :(

I swear if my head wasn't firmly attached...


I forgot to tell ya'll that I made some Fall and Halloween things at the Shop Free*Style!

On the first floor I have a special edition Wrap Dress

It only costs :25L

I've also placed out a pair of the Vixen over the knee boots

You'll notice these only cost 1L.

I did this because of the extra bit of Gacha I placed upstairs. The boots are a compliment to my Halloween Sweater Dresses.

This is a Gacha item that only costs 25L each turn. There are 6 dresses in all.

Hope you have a lovely Fall and Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's a MEME kinda Day

I love Halloween normally so I have resurrected myself to do Berry's most recent Monday Meme! Woot.

This is Khloe as 'Bitchy Witchy'. I wanted a certain look and I feel like i've just fallen a little flat. I wanted this whole grotesque witch hybrid. I had a hard time finding the pieces... so this is how it ended up! Is 'ok'.

Also I'm entered in a Halloween Photo contest at Serenity Heaven, if you ya know.. wanna vote for me...Hellloooo shameless plugging.

(Actually on a normal day I would NEVER prompt people to do this, heck I never join contests in general. But I found myself annoyed by this particular place because the top person isn't even following the rules and the number 2 person is someone who lives on the sim and is like bff with the owner. Seems fishy so I shoved myself on in there. Votes are 1L  and end Oct 31so. Yeah)

Anyway!!! The stuffs!
  1. Did you go trick or treating as a child? Yes, I did. I went for quite a while, no matter what the weather threw at us.
  2. What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself? Actually I'm saving this answer for below... ha..
  3. What is your most vivid memory about Halloween? When I was a little tot I really wanted to be a princess, but I wanted my Mom to MAKE my a princess costume. I didn't want to be like everyone else. My Mom didn't sew at all so she made it using staples and hot glue. We lived in FL and she followed me around the whole night with a stapler because my outfit kept melting a falling apart... ha <3
  4. What is the scariest movie you have ever seen? I really hate scary movies but I especially hate anything with possession. This stems from a super vivid dream I had as a child where I swore that a man I viewed as "the devil" was trying to get me to open my mind to him. SO when it came time for things like 'The Exorcist' I pretty much wanted to die inside.
  5. Do you ever get nightmares after watching a scary movie? Uhm, yeah.. see above haha.
  6. Are you superstitious? If so, name at least one superstition of yours. Not really, I figured if I thought about every superstition out there I would have enough bad luck for 3 life times.
  7. What will you be doing for Halloween this year, if anything, in SL and RL? I will probably be laying in my bed like I am now. I threw my back out sooo I suck. And my bday is Saturday, so I'm totally bummed to be missing all the fun stuff, Halloween is my jam usually :( In SL I'll be waiting to see if I've won! muahahaha
Hope you all have a happy and safe time, if you participate!