Monday, January 30, 2012

LOTD: Passionatly Pink

Hello my lovelies!

I've been holed up in my work station for a few days working like a mad woman! I finally dragged myself out to show you this adorable pink Mesh sweater Ricielli has out in the new TDR collection! Check it out!

Isn't it awesome! I am so so in love with the bright colors lately. I paired it with a past 50L Friday item from Whippet and Buck. And those shoes? Guess what... I have a surprise for you all!!!

*Deep Breath* I MADE these. Yep. Khloe is a shoe cobbler by night. These aren't available just yet but things should be up and running by Wednesday of next week!I'll be setting up on marketplace until I find someplace cute to sell! I have a few personal orders to get done before I go buck wild. Keep an eye out for [Blossom] on MP real soon! I have a few different variations and tons of awesome colors for everyone!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting Deep with Khloe

Hey lovelies,

Today's post is a bit different from my normal. It doesn't include pictures, or ranting or fashion but it IS important. At least to me. I'm going to get a bit personal so if that isn't your cup of team you can pretty much stop reading now.

I wanted to start of with a little background on myself. I am a first degree reletive of someone with Multiple Sclerosis. My mother had MS, my mother's youngest sister has MS, though a completely different form. My father's cousin has MS. My best friends mother had MS... Are you sensing a pattern in my life? You should. For a good portion of my life I was surrounded by people that have a horrible, noncontagious disease. Each person I have ever encountered with MS has had a slightly different form. Because MS effect so many people in so many different ways. For my mother her MS attacked her brain. She went from the Vice President of a major bank, to sometimes forgetting who I was. For the last 5 years of her life I was her primary care giver. I saw first hand how someone so alive and vital could wither into a shell of their former self. My Aunt's MS is completely physical. In her early 20's she went from a quirky, hyper woman to someone who has no control over any part of her body. At an age well below senior status she is now confined to a bed in a nursing home. On the flip side there are people who show almost no symptoms. Sometimes they can live an almost normal live and have very little episodes. I've seen a young woman hassled and accused of being a drunk because her legs suddely stop working correctly. I've heard people laugh when someone with MS tries to say a simple phrase and the word in their head isn't the word that comes out of their mouth. At the same time I've also been whitness to ignorant doctors telling people that MS is all in their head. It's a cruel disease.

Understanding this you can see why when I have trouble coming up with a word. Or when I do something odd I always hear that whisper in the back of my mind. "What if..." There no real way to say why some people get this disease. It's been linked enviormentally, genetically and just about anyway you can think. So when I happened upon a post in SL for an ongoing study you can imagine my surprise..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LOTD: Skinny Budget 3

Hello my lovelies!

It took me a while to decide what to call this particular look. In light of some recent jokes the "Angry "Real" Housewife" I have quite possibly the best husband ever. But he rarely logs his butt in anymore. Sometimes I log in, get dressed up and glare at the back of his head willing him to log into SL with me. We live in a small town where "night life" is a foreign concept so sometimes I like to go out in SL. I felt this would be a great look. all dressed up and Hubby is off doing something else. POOH.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

LOTD- SKinnt Budget 2

Hellow my lovelies!

As promised I have yet another skinny budget look for you all! Today's look was meant to be a "Shopping with the girls" look! I felt inspired while checking out my facebook and running into some old pictures of my gal pals. We used to grab a bus into the city on occasion and spend the afternoon shopping and eating at (admitedly) overpriced trendy restaurants.

For us these trips had a lot to do with how cute we could look, as much as it did with shopping. Check out my ideas? WOuld you wear this with the gals?..

LOTD- SKinny Budget

Hello my lovelies!

I'm hoping to start a little something that I like to think of as my Skinny Budget Chronicles. Pretty much I'm hoping to show all you thrift fashionistas out there that cheap doesn't have to look cheap. You can pull off some amazing looks in SL with little to no money and a whole lot of patience!

Tonight is my "Date Night/ Girls Night Out". When I think of that topic I think slinky, sexy, and fun. The goal is to look hot but not TOO hot. We don't want to make our hunnies think we are too full of ourselves! As I live in a tiny town with zero night life I have to get my kicks in world. Check it out!...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Go big or Go Home..

Here it is.. undeniable proof that I've become a cat lady.

7. Yep SEVEN. What started out as two adorable gifts from a great friend has become madness. I don't even really want to keep them all but Poof. there they are. Each one has something adorable and different so it's not like i can choose say... two and be done with it. Thanks a bunch Jazmine! :P

GC there... my hubby. He's currently out buying his own cats... and I'm birthing another one. so hoorah for the cat overload.

Kittycats... how I adore thee. And fashionistas. Don't give up on me or my horrible pictures. I promise to be back in business soon showing you all the gorgeousness out there! <3

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's my rez day andddd....

I need a boy kittycat.

Please and thank you! But really I'm becoming a cat lady. My girl Jazmine gave me two KittyCats that I previously blogged. While with her today she gave me another AND I bought a little kitty box. But woe is me. No boys.

Do you know where I can find a "cheapish" boy kitty to bump pixel with his harem of ladies?! Lemmmme know

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roam if you want to

After reading my last blog entry this morning I was overwhelmed by what can only be described as mild embarrassment. To heck with being bored. I have to make my own fun!!!

Before I got down to business I decided to pick the best outfit. Right now I'm really into the gorgeous mesh creations I've been collecting. After some thought I realized there is still a large group of people out there without mesh viewing abilities and those folks would see me naked wearing a canoe. In deference to them I turned to my wardrobe in search of something cute that might entice the good folks of SL to interact with me without thinking I was a hooker.

Hoorah! I suck at picking out outfits on the fly so this was the best I could come up with. Quickly: Dress- Kyoot, Jacket- Mon Tissu, Belt- Maitreya (from jeans), boots- Celoe, Hair-Exile (old gift) and Socks- *G Field*. Annnd I was off to find adventures! I busted out my old trusty folder of "Homes, Hot spots, and clubs" that I have collected pretty much since I was a newb.

My evening went something like this:

Monday, January 16, 2012

All Dress Up and Nowhere to Go

>> BLEH<<

That pretty much describes how I've been feeling. That trip I took really wore me out. While away I managed to contract the Plague. I swear. I missed out on half of the things I planned because I was a vile creature no one wanted to come near. I actually broke down and saw a Doctor. Which says something because I don't have a job atm... which means I  don't have health insurance... and well with 3 hospital visits under my non insured belt... I would rather cut off a finger than try to squeeze more medical bills into my skinny budget. >>siiigh<< Whine whine. moan. groan. Yay

Anywho I'm finally easing out of the lasts of that bit of nasty and now I'm being plagued by a case of the blues. I just feel... sad/bored/helpless/lonely.. the list goes on. I need a life which i guess is pretty hilarious since I supposedly have 2 thanks to the magic of SL. Apparently not though. If I'm not working my SL job or forcing myself to post something here you can almost always bet I'm standing just outside of the front door to our SL house staring into space. When did I get so boring?! I remember when going to clubs was fun, and people actually *did* things. Now my SL consists of roaming around work directing people around. When my shift is over I sit there and organize and reorganize my inventory. My husband barely logs  on at all these days. Sometimes we sit in the same room with our avi's logged on while we surf the web. LAME.

Is it just me? DO you actually do something fun? If so you should share... or be my friend... I could use one of those too. Woah buddy.. after reading this I'm sure all you cool cats are never going to talk to me again... Let me try to redeem myself ey?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

OMGAH it's Khloe!

Hello my darlings!

I've returned! I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and a wonderful New Year! It's been threee long weeks but as promised I have finally come back!

As we only returned last night and have been rather busy all day I don't have a whole lot unpacked or even sorted yet but I did want to share my adorable new furniture from Collabor88!

I have a home addiction! I love to move my house or constantly change it. The one thing I rarwly change is the basic decor. It tends to be the same chairs, couches and whatnot strewn around. But I fell in love with Lisp and Cheeky Pea's bright fun bits this time around!

PS. Please excuse my lack of other decor! I wanted you to be able to get a feel for what the items would look like on their own!

All items shown in the first pic are part of Cheeky Pea's set priced at only 188! Everything is C/M/No Trans! I am so in love with the boho feel of this set up!

I also bought...