Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LOTD-July 6th- Not so wide open spaces

I'm feeling a little sad today. Someone rented the plot G and I have been hoping to snatch up for a few days now. That's one thing I hate about SL. Unless we cough up more dough to put a hold on a plot most of the time it's gone before the next pay check rolls in. It was a really great plot too! Double our current prims and even had a park someone put in. Sad Facccce :(

Anyways, here's the LOTD. Not really anything super new just a bunch of cute stuff I rediscovered while doing some clean outs!

This is the kind of outfit my RL self would wear if I could find the exact same colors and textures for an outfit. I heart this!


Dress: Kyoot- And It's Love Mini Dress-Grey (Previous Stumblebum pack)
Jacket: Mon Tissu- Porter Jean Jacket-Dark
Hair: [e]- Vivid- Brown 10
Necklace: Willow- Dream catcher necklace-Gold (Previous Group Gift)

I absolutely LOVE these sandals! I was looking for a pair of flats a few months ago that I could wear with anything. I has seen a few pairs around the grid that cost insane amount of prices in my end. I'm sorry no matter how good your products are I refuse to pay 900L for a pair of  shoes made from sculpts that can be bought my anyone on Marketplace. JUst because you hand drew those textures does not make them magic. At most you spent 1000L to make that pair of shoes... Even if you sold them for 300 your still make a profit after the first 5 people. End rant

That being saiiid:

Shoes: Skifija- Secrets of Isis

They may not be amazing quility or cone stamped with a well known brand name but they are pretty great. What sets them apart is their low price (149L) and their ability to be customized completely. Everything from the metal to the soles are color change. You can also change the brightness and shine as well. They give a big bang for their buck!

That's all for now! As this took me 3 hours to complete due to internet issues I wanted to make sure I got this out!

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