Sunday, July 3, 2011

How did this happen?!

I can not believe I allowed myself to be dragged in again. Every year new fairs pop up. Every time I tell myself that there's no need to go. This time Hair Fair 2011 got me. I won't bore you with the specifics of when and where because I am positive that any true fashion stalker has probably already been ramming the bordering sims in hopes of finally getting in.

As for the fair itself, I admit I was pleasantly surprised. I dressed to impress in my lacy top (previously blogged), a pair of primless pants and a fedora to top my balding head. All in all I can in at under 200 ARC and still managed to not be completely hideous. Score in my book. Color me surprised when I not only made it to Hair Fair in less than 5 tries but I rezzed immediately!

While most things remained blurry I was able to navigate around all 4 sims with almost no lag whatsoever. I'm impressed. Truly. I have an aging PC that doesn't take kindly to my using SL on the easy stuff, full sims generally cause me to curse profusely and crash a thousand times. I never crashed. My biggest hurdle was when I hit the sim borders. I experienced one sim that was too full for me to get to. Otherwise I was fine. So for once I actually will recommend checking it out for yourself!

Top: CiC-Mimi & Mirada-Lindsey
Bottom: EMO-tions MOON & Nikitafride Carnival hair/hair base

Top: Alice Project Maria & Rasberry Petunia II
Bottom: Battle Angel -Anabell & DBS Vaneza

Top: Logo Melissa & LollipopZ Lia
Bottom: W&Y Hair New170 & Exile Audra
There are TONS more goodies to grab, these are just a few of the many I grabbed myself. A lot of the gifties are great but I tend to be a bit predictable when it comes to my normal hair. I'm a bit picky about designers, fit, color and styles. While a lot of these are cute and could be worn, most are not my style.

Other times..I feel like I'm just missing a trend? Is it just me? I'm sure someone out there is in love... but this just goes right over my head. No offense meant.

As stated all hair was found at Hair Fair 2011. Mostly freebies and dollarbies

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