Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teach me how to Dougie.. oh yeah.. and LOTD

I really need to get a life. Or at the very least, a job. I woke up this morning to the wonderful surprise of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake  doing 'The History of Rap: Part 2'. I about peed my pants laughing. I ended up watching the first edition as well and I just can't decide which cracks me up more!

In a moment of total excitement I remembered I had received a free Dougie gesture a few weeks ago. It's a bit loud and obnoxious but if you are feeling in the mood to get down and boogie

There's me getting my 'Dougie' on. If you want a copy of the gesture hit me up in world. I got it as a free group giveaway but it's no longer in the group. It is however copy/trans. so yay!

Now for the real stuff! I was feeling a bit urban fashionista today, so I threw together a bit of a mismatched look! Check it out!

Top: Jane- Intrinsic.bk,charcoal
Bottoms: House of Beningborough- BB Cargo Pants (previous freebie, no longer available. There is a weekly freebie gift in store and these pants can be bought in black)
Shoes: Gabriel- Gladiator Sandals-Black Group Gift (also available in brown, many other gifts available as well)

I wanted to take a second and point out the hair I'm wearing. It's the Seasons Hunt gift from Plume!(Look for a little shark!) Isn't it great?! The flowers, hair pins and what not are color change. The only downside to this hair is that it does need to be worn with a hair base unless you plan to rock the shaved sides look. If you don't have a hair base already you can grab the free Joy hair from Analog Dog as it comes with TONS of hair bases!

I made the little alley I'm standing in. Aren't I craft. Haha

That's all for now. Back to wedding plans! Weee!!

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