Sunday, July 31, 2011

Group Gift Alert!!-Purple Moon!!!

I am in love with the new PurpleMoon Creations 9000 Group member gift! Poulet Koencamp has truly outdone herself this time. The details on this fantastic gown are superb!

If you aren't a member of her group you need to be! While there is a minimal fee, the gifts outweigh the slight cost!

SL Sartorialist- Shape up or Ship out

It's here! Finally!! I decided it would be a good time to start out my SL Sartorialist piece here on the blog. For those who aren't familiar, I wrote a monthly piece in Pure Magazine. I took my cue from RL Sartorialist - Scott Schuman who started his blog to show pictures of people he stumbled upon on the streets that he thought looked amazing. While I wanted to show pieces of clothing and trendy fashionistas out there I also wanted to take my own spin on things. In the past I chose an overall theme of something that inspired me for the month and ran with it. I've also offered my own fashion opinions and the do's and don't I live by! We'll see exactly how this pans out here!!

I'm sad to say my side kick Winter will not be following me into the blogging world so if you ever see someone or something you thing should be seen feel free to email it to me or send it in in-world!!

TO start out fresh and new I'm beginning this adventure with shapes! Despite being unable to change shape in RL (without cosmetic surgery and hours at the gym!) we are lucky enough to be able to adjust ourselves in SL with sliders. With that in mind I find myself amazed at the good, the bad and the just plain wrong shapes I've encountered throughout my years in SL. I've had every shape out there so I don't believe you have to be stick skinny and 6 feet tall to be amazing... Checcck it out!

Unfortunately one of the most common things you will see in SL are shapes in need of severe help. Too often our shapes are out of proportion and end up looking like a big old hot mess.


When making any shapes in SL or buying them it's important to look at the over all effect. I myself have been the victim of this mismatched shape. Often I'll find a skin I love, work an amazing face around it only to realize afterwards that I look like I've photo shopped a different head on my body.

When trying to make that perfect you, take the time every few steps to cam out and look at the overall effect. If you couldn't imagine it in RL it's probably not going to be so great in SL either. Adding on sculpted parts is one of the fads out there but those triple E boobs are better left if your inventory!


I won't preach too much about skins but I do believe skins play a big part in the way out shapes turn out. Not all skins or shapes are created equal. It's entirely normal to have to tweak a shape when trying different skins. What looks great with that Belleza skin might not be so great with League skins.

(Believe it or not but this is the same shape with 3 different skins. As you can see all three are pretty skins, but they don't all work for the same shape)

Also keep in mind the age range you are going for. If you are playing a child avatar or even a young teen skins loaded with makeup, and adult shading are just not going to work. The same goes for anyone playing with sizes, if the skin ends up looking stretched out it's probably time to swap skins or tweak that shape!

What to wear:

Whether you are big and beautiful or petite and pixie-like I am a true believer in paying attention to how you dress. Just like skins not all system or prim clothing is created equal in SL.

* Disclaimer: I believe everyone in SL has a right to look however they feel fit. The above comments and ideas are simply my own opinions. I mean no disrespect to anyone who chooses to have unique shapes! I simply believe a dose of common sense should be used at all times! hugggs*

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is

If you know me in SL then you know I never stick to land or a house for very long. I despise rude neighbors, ugly build and lag. I've had my fair share of all of it. In fact I had a combo of all three when I inadvertently moved onto an amazing property that was once home to a Gorean shop and hangout. siiigh.

With that being said I love the currently land we live on. Paradise World Estates is one of the better locations we've chosen. The lag is minimal considering we own a plot on a farming sim, the prims are worth the price and the management is quick to help.

I also decided to downgrade from our big old house to a much smaller scale. For the most part we keep out separate horse farms up high but we still like to leave the ground looking pretty for when we have friends visit or we happen to sell something! Check out this adorable cottage I picked up at the Super Bargain Weekend sale!!

Sorry for the ugly. I was feeling too lazy to fight with GIMP but I did want to take the time to show you all the cuteness! It was only 60L and has so many cute details. I've always wanted a roof top deck so I was super excited!

Okay I took pity on you all for having to endure the ugliness of that pic! Here are the ad's so you can have  a better look. The cottage and accessories pack are 2 separate options but at 60L a piece it's practically free anyways!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nifty Thrifty Fifty Linden Friday

I love 50L Fridays. They always get the best of me! While I'd love to run around and grab it all I restrained myself a bit this time, after all it *is* rent week!

Dress: Berries Inc. - Dahlia Dress- 50L Friday
Hair: [e]- Charmed Essentials Pack (comes with multiple colors. I tinted the darker brown to suit me better) 50L Friday
Shoes/Jewelry- Pixel Mode- Previous Subscribo Gifts

PS. Thanks to the amazing viewer that is Firestorm I can now show some glitched out shadows for pictures. Yayyy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

LOTD- July 28th- Addiction

I have an addictive personality. If it looks good, smells good, tastes good or is just plain interesting I gotta have it/ do it. Take books for example. I spent most of my childhood with my nose buried in books thanks to my mom's obsessive reading habits. As I got older we bonded over shared books and stories together. She's been gone almost 2 years now (wow 2 and I'm still an addict for books.

As money got tighter I hung up my habit of getting books straight of the shelf in lue of checking books out from the library. With my 8+ books a week habit I suspect that they whisper about me behind my back!

This picture ties in a lot of my addictions. Nostalgia, books and free awesome clothing!

All clothes worn are from the generous gift Aikea Rieko from [The Plastik] this past Monday the 25th. Instead of receiving gifts and kind words on her RL birthday she was so sweet to see her adoring customers received something special! All you have to do is join the group (which is free!) and look in past notices! This goodie bag is jam packed with skins, dresses, separates and more!

Also if you are a reading nut like me you need to check out the Rockcliffe University library and Reference Center inworld. I had the pleasure of meeting a RL librarian who works for this inworld setup. You'll see new and past issues of well known magazines. Find published research papers, links to various informative sights and many other amazing things.

Overwhelmed but up for a Challenge

Sometimes my brain just can't handle everything that get thrown at it. I'm juggling so much in my RL and have far too many amazing things to show you all in SL. INstead of sitting down and getting it all under control I decided to go peeping for a new blogger challenge. Yay for me I found one! I'm starting a week late but that's not so bad!

The newest blogger challenge I have decided to partake in is the: Blog Hero Challenge Week 2: Don't Fear the Reaper.

The idea behind the challenge is that the amazing Shayariel Teardrop picks lyrics for a song weekly and we get to do our own photo representation of said lyrics. It can be a scene, artistic view... whatever pleases you! You can check out her first week -here- where she explains about it in a bit more detail!

This weeks lyrics are:

"All our times have come
Here but now they're gone
Seasons don't fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain..we can be like they are
Come on baby...don't fear the reaper
Baby take my hand...don't fear the reaper
We'll be able to fly...don't fear the reaper
Baby I'm your man..."

I was super excited about this because my bestie in SL loves to romp around in her Lady Death avatar she spent forever working on. You'll often see us riding around, me all bright and shiny, her all dark and deadly. I thought she would be a fantastic reaper for my picture! There are a few giggles behind the thoughts for this as well :P

I tried to play around with Gimp a bit on this but I'm really not so good at it...

Thanks again to Shayariel for the awesome experience!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pose Mania

If you haven't checked out the amazing pose place Zombie Fetus than I'm about to leave you no choice but to dash over ASAP!!

Lanie Windlow the amazeballs owner of Zombie Fetus has lost her mind. It seems that she has decided to have a sale with no clear ending date. How long could it last? Maybe forever, maybe a week , maybe a day. So don't dilly dally get on over there and scoop up these amazing deals!!

Single poses: 10L
Pose Packs (anywhere from 3-13 poses) : 50L
Shapes: 100L

There are also some amazing dollarbies around as well!!

You can gather the goodies one of two ways!

Inworld : here


Marketplace: For those too busy to tp around

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has been looking to beef up their pose stands! Be there or be square!

PS. I promise this is the last post of the day! Enjoysss

Formal Complaint

When you are new or even just low on fund like me, finding good quality formal wear takes time and a bit of hunting. If it were not for the generosity of some amazing formal wear designers a lot of us would be walking around in hand me downs and badly textured trends from 2006!

I make it a habit to grab any good quality formal dress I find because you never know when you have a red carpet worth event to strut for! I was lucky enough to find a fantastic dress today for only 1L and I also have been saving one look just for this occasion!

If you happened to read back a bit I showed you the upper part of Gizza's male anniversary gift. This gorgeous creation is it's female counterpart! The details on this dress are amazing quality. The sexy slit, delicate floral and lace details are one of the best quality gifts I've found in a very long time. Both the gown and the male tuxedo are group gifts that you can get -Here! There are also tons of other free group gifts around as well!!

The second lucky find was this pink vintage gown. I love the soft flowy feeling of this dress so so much! ViLada is a new store to me. I'm sure a lot of you have already passed through but this was my first time finding this store. Imagine my excitement when I found she was offering this gorgeous confection for only 1L for a limited time only!! If you aren't into gowns there is also a group gift set along the wall behind this gown!

With these two gowns as a starting off point there is no reason anyone should remain formally unfashionable!!

I'm Baaack!!

And boy do I have goodies for you! I'll probably make this multiple posts so as not to overload you with just one! I finally found a viewer that at least lets me cruise around and take pics without crashing! Yay! I spent the afternoon running around gathering so many adorable things to make up for a missed day with everyone! Enjoy

To start off with I found some adorable dresses around the grid.

 Dress: Red Passion- Asia Fuxia 1L

Dress: *evergreen*- Floral Cami- Komorebi Mall Gift
Shoes: Likka*House- Lilly Flip Flops- Lucky Board (Comes with outfit not shown)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey guys and gals! I'm trying really really hard to get something amazing out to you all asap! However it seems that LL forced me to update my current V2 viewer and I have yet to find another viewer that supports everything I love and want. I know, I'm spoiled!

So for now I am totally unable to get on as the new V2 viewer causes me to crash repeatedly and the other viewers don't seem to like me much either! SIngularity doesn't support multi layer.. at least not the version I have.. Kirsten's viewer has a major rendering issue that made all my sculpties look like crumbled metal and killed seamless textures so that my skin looked like I had random rope burns on the seems. I'm going to give Phoenix a go now and hope for the best!

Suggestions in this area are ALWAYS welcome as I tend to stick to a viewer until it dies or gets taken away. I'm not up on all the ones out there!

Until such times... Here's seein' you kid!

Monday, July 25, 2011

LOTD- July 25th - Rain Over Me

I'm trying to stay calm cool and collected about this whole wedding ordeal but I'm failing miserably. As I mentioned this is the first supposedly SMALL wedding for legal purposes. Somehow my group of 10 has morphed into 30. yeah. so...STRESS.

With that in mind after a long and harrowing phone conversation with my dad I ended up listening to the new Pit bull and Marc Anthony song on repeat. I don't want to like it but I do for some reason. Weird.

My LOTD felt inspired by rainy days which is fitting as it has to do with not only the song but the current weather outside my little window. Check it out!

Outfit: Pesca- Linen Romper -Poupee Hunt item
Hair/hat: Wildo- k2/05- Poupee Hunt item
Boots: U.F.O- Rainy Rainy Boots- Poupee Hunt Item
Necklace: Willow- Rain Drop Necklace- Tarnished Silver- Project Themeory Item (Comes with gold version as well)

As you can see the majority of my goodies today have come from the PouPee hunt. I found the hunts website to be very helpful as it has pictures of all the items, a list of stores involved and a hint list. You are looking for a little red doll!

Project Themeory this week tied in perfect with how I was feeling. I love the jewelry from Willow and these rain drop necklaces were so affordable (75L for 2) that it was impossible to pass up! Yay for good deals

Oh yeah. I also learned not to leave my avatar unattended. I was looking for a good rainy or flooded location to show off my cute boots. However during tp my honey came home for lunch so I just left myself wherever I landed... I came back to this:

I wasn't sure how to react. His face looked mad yet he was shooting hearts all over the place... and me. Note to self, always tp home before you got AFK!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jumbled brain-LOTD, Wedding, Fashion Garret -Oh my

I'm going to pick out the flowers for my wedding today. Or I guess I should say I'm going to pick out the flowers for my first wedding. Yes, you read that right. Somehow because of timing conflicts I am having two weddings. A small one now and a larger affair down the road when money, time and the correct location prevail. Sigh. I hate planning ONE wedding. I think I missed the wedding gene somewhere along the way. - save meeee o.O

Anywho I didn't want to leave you with nothing for today so lucky me I have some stuff for you guys!!

First off I wanted to share some exciting news. If any of you have read my 'SL Sartorialist' column you'll be happy to know I plan on moving a smaller probably more insane version of it here in the upcoming months. I do plan to keep it a once a month deal currently as it is a huge undertaking for me to be doing alone. We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping to make some changes along the way and really find my nitch with it. So yay!

And now for the LOTD goodies! I have SO many things I want to show you all and just a little bit of time to do it. Hopefully over the next few days I'll be able to sit down and show you all of the free, cheap and amazing things I've found!

For now:
If you haven't been to 'The Fashion Garret' this past week then you need to get your booty over there! This look includes two of the awesome pieces I grabbed this time!

Hat/Hair: Angel Hair- Samantha in Soil
Bodysuit: Tulip-  Comes with 2 versions this floral print and the plain green. Also includes some adorable flats!

All of these items were under 75L which in my book is the best part! I can't seem to force myself to take either item off. I've paired the body suit with jeans, shorts and skirts. This hair has become a new staple in my hair world. I love big floppy hats in SL because in RL they annoy the beejezus out of me; what with their flopping, blowing away or blinding me. This SL version is sweet and adorable. Better yet? It fit's amazingly well and the color is fantastic. Also it's hard to tell but the hat itself sports a peacock feather: Awesome!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Friday Night

Here we go boys and girls. I've been saving this side of awesomeness for a while now in hopes of finding the perfect moment to show it off. So in honor of friday...

Feast your eyes on this sexy dancing diva! Just in case you live under a rock, only listen to rap, rock, rnb, ooor whatever; this look was taken from Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night' video. When I saw this amazing outfit for FREE I about piddled myself with excitement.

Oh, I tried really hard to find a 80's/90's themed club of some sort but I failed. So I snuck into a club equipment store and snapped a quick pictures. tee hee.. SHHHH.

Outfit: Beautiful Dirty Rich- T.G.I.F- Free on Marketplace here
Hair Pic 1: Analog dog- found in freebie bubble ball on sim
Hair Pic 2: Lelutka- Hair Fair Gift- Not sure if it is available in store yet

Made me Moi:
Mismatched shoes-I have these in world and I made them all by myself if you want to try out the look yourself

Oh man I am so addicted to this it's kind of pathetic. waaatch it!! Okay I'm off to go be an adult now scouts honor!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

i LOVE to Romp around

For some reason I am a huge fan of the adult onesie also known as a romper or jumper. They make my heart sing. But only in SL, because let's face it, my rl behind would not be hot in that. No no no. I've managed to gather an ever grown collection of them over the past few months. Khloe = Addict.

This is my new one!

Pastel heaven. SQUEEEE
Romper: Love- Group Gift- 50L fee to join
Shoes: (epoque.s) - Floral Pump- Seasons Hunt (Look for the shark here!)
Jewelry: Pixel Mode- pearl earrings and necklace- Recent group gift
Hair: Hair Shop Nodaka- Hair is no longer availabe however the store has tons of awesome other styles. Colors run between 30L and 50L with 2 lucky boards, a dollarbie, gatcha and group to join for gifts. It's well worth stopping in!

Check out a close up of these awesome jewels. Perfect for a casual day out with friends or a sophisticated night on the town!

I have a super exciting look planned for tomorrow so stay tuned lovelies!

Real Life Love Challenge Entry-Here I am!

I had such a fun time coming up with something for Harlow Heslop's blogger inspiration challenge that I just had to participate in her most recent one!

The newest call to arms is the Real Life Love Challenge. The goal of this is totell everyone what we love about ourselves. Major esteem boosting going all around. What do we love about ourselves. What kind of person am I? If you feel comfortable enough to post a RL pic on your blog, have at it!

Okay... here goes...*holds her breath*

*****Sorry Picture has been removed******

It'sa me! I'll admit I've been sitting on this entry for a few hours now trying to come up with what exactly I wanted to say. I never realized how hard it was to talk about myself without sounding fake, conceited or even just silly. I followed in the footsteps of Harlow herself and chose a picture of something I remebered vividly. While the picture itself is just a simple close up cropped picture it does hold meaning for me. At the very moment this picture was taken my life changed, whether I realized it or not at the time.

On that day I met my other half. I took a deep breath and plunged head first into one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I am incredibly greatful for my ability to wear my heart on my sleeve and take risks. If I had been raised as a person who always did the safe thing and never went for what I wanted I would most certainly not be where I am today. I've always been someone who loves deeply and truly.

I've learned that while life may give you ups and downs most of the time they are stepping stones teaching us what we need to know for the rest of our lives.

Love yourself and love others. Sometimes nothing beats that. Thank you Harlow for giving us the chance to look deep into ourselves. Sometimes we spent so much time thinking about the bad things or others that we lose sight of what is most important.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teach me how to Dougie.. oh yeah.. and LOTD

I really need to get a life. Or at the very least, a job. I woke up this morning to the wonderful surprise of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake  doing 'The History of Rap: Part 2'. I about peed my pants laughing. I ended up watching the first edition as well and I just can't decide which cracks me up more!

In a moment of total excitement I remembered I had received a free Dougie gesture a few weeks ago. It's a bit loud and obnoxious but if you are feeling in the mood to get down and boogie

There's me getting my 'Dougie' on. If you want a copy of the gesture hit me up in world. I got it as a free group giveaway but it's no longer in the group. It is however copy/trans. so yay!

Now for the real stuff! I was feeling a bit urban fashionista today, so I threw together a bit of a mismatched look! Check it out!

Top: Jane- Intrinsic.bk,charcoal
Bottoms: House of Beningborough- BB Cargo Pants (previous freebie, no longer available. There is a weekly freebie gift in store and these pants can be bought in black)
Shoes: Gabriel- Gladiator Sandals-Black Group Gift (also available in brown, many other gifts available as well)

I wanted to take a second and point out the hair I'm wearing. It's the Seasons Hunt gift from Plume!(Look for a little shark!) Isn't it great?! The flowers, hair pins and what not are color change. The only downside to this hair is that it does need to be worn with a hair base unless you plan to rock the shaved sides look. If you don't have a hair base already you can grab the free Joy hair from Analog Dog as it comes with TONS of hair bases!

I made the little alley I'm standing in. Aren't I craft. Haha

That's all for now. Back to wedding plans! Weee!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amacci Hair Sale!!!

Calling all hair lovers!!!- Amacci is having its Summer Hair Sale on ALL of the AMACCI hairs at the mainstore!

85 L$ for a Pack of 6-8 hair colors
295 L$ for a Fat Pack with all colors

The sale will run July 19th - July 31st

Come prepared for a moderate amount of lag!! Otherwise shop until you drop!

Monday, July 18, 2011

LOTD- July 18th Utterly Clueless

Have you ever been trying on an outfit and had some odd flashback to a movie character? While trying on some of the adorable freeness I got over the weekend I was overcome with memories from the movie 'Clueless' circa 1995. I had this odd memory of Alicia Silverstone when she was trying to impress "Christian" (aka. RL actor Justin Walker). Perhaps it was a the hair combined with the dresses? Who knows.

It seemed fitting to channel a bit of old school "Cher"-the character not the singer!- into my LOTD.

Worn: Circus Noir- Floral Dress and Bracelet- Greedy Hunt gift (Look for strawberry!)

Worn: Acid & Mala- Halter Dress- Flowers - TOSL group gift in store

I think the hairstyle from Catwa is probably what brought on the memories. I normally abhor hair that is made from way too many flexi prims, but this soft messy up-do is a keeper in my book!

Worn: Catwa- Hadeya Hair-Espresso- Previous group freebie

If I learned nothing else from today, I now know my search abilities need help. I was hoping to grab a snap in a cute school setting to really add to the movie reference, however that didn't happen. I did manage to tp myself into a fetish club though. However named girls over desks didn't really fit the look I was hoping to grab. Oh boy..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

LOTD- July 17 Mix it and Match it

This weekend has been busy for any of my thrifty friends out there! Hunts galore and a ton of awesome sales. As I mentioned in my last post there is a 3 day sale going on right now at Onyx Wear and all over the sim it resides on! I got some awesome makeups at V.E.L that I mentioned before so I thought I would show you my new favorite!! It's a bit different from my normal look but sometimes I need a change!

 Squee! I love the dark details on  this. It is one tattoo that covered the eyes nose and cheeks so you need not worry about using too many layers. This is great if you happen to use a viewer like Singularity that does not support multiple layer options.

Makeup: V.E.L- Day of the Dead-Purple (10L this weekend only HERE!)
Hair: Analog Dog- Joy-Jet Free @ Landing
Outfit: Gizza- First Year Gift-Male Free (Note: This is the male suit, there is a female gown as well. Group gift!)

I had attempted to take a shot of a more mainstream outfit for you...but..

SL was apparently having none of that. Somehow it managed to morph two or three of my ready made looks into one monster. Oddly enough I was so focused on an IM that my first clue in was the random pony tail sticking out of my head. Then the other items started to come into focus. As an added bonus despite a relog I am unable to actually detach some of the wayward items. Oh SL how I love thee...

(My hubby thought this was a neat outfit. This is why I don't let him help pick out outfits. *shakes head*)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sale Alert!!!


Be there or be square! I went and grabbed myself an adorbs strapless dress and some WICKED makeup. The makeup was only 10L... even for fatpacks so I had to give myself a little treat!

Participating stores with exclusive discounted items!

Alter Ego
KIM Bodysuits
Digital Bath
V.E.L. Cosmetics
Virtual Insanity
and MORE!

LOTD- July 14th SL ATE my Landmarks

No, I'm serious, it did! I swear!! I had this magical idea to cut back on the amount of random in my inventory by loading random objects in to boxes, poses into pose stands and lm's into notecards. Guess what? I have a #$%# ton of LM's that I now can't open because SL has decided to not respond to my pathetic clicking . FAIL.

So that's my somewhat excuse if I randomly tp into someones home, bed, office... whatever. I had a flash of someone screaming, " A dingo ate my baby!" creepy.

Anyways, enough blabbering. On the the good stuff! When it comes to most of my looks I tend to style the entire deal around one object or thought. I might see a RL look I like or find a shirt that absolutely needs a theme. When I found this amazing hair from Plume my brain went a little nuts with the possibilities. I debated between beachy or retro. Retro almost always wins in my book.

Ch-ch-check it out!

I decided not to go too true to era as some woman I passed 'kindly' pointed out. Thanks for the input, just you wait until I revive my old article from Pure Magazine. HA! Better watch you back!-I sound big bad and tough.. too bad I'm a teddy bear.

Anyways.. Worn today!!:

Top: G*Field- Ruffle top-White
Bottoms: Mon Tissu- Lou Lou- Dark
Tattoo (arms): Para Designs- Sailor Girl-Black in Medium (Previous TOSL hunt item) Unfortunately the TOSL hunt item is no longer out, but lucky for you all there are freebies in the front of the shop as well as a discount room!

I am absolutely in love with this hair! It's fun and flirty for summer. I always worry about severe hair styles as it tends to make my face look square but this style is absolutely adorable!

Hair: Plume- Plumeria in Soil
Eye Liner: P.Art- Foxy
Lips: Elegant Epiphany- No longer available to my knowledge. sad face! I really did tried to find it but ended up being accosted by some foul mouth folks that now hang out on the sim. UGH.

That's all folks. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

LOTD- July 14th Fairly Fairy

Warning: Be prepared for some insanely poor photos. My computer is throwing a tantrum and ate all my pretty ones! oh noo!

If you love whimsical, fairy or just looking adorable you need to check out Angelwing! The store itself is mainly silks. However they do have some fantasy outfits as well as lucky boards strewn around!

The best part about this look is that it was entirely free! The outfit, wings, jewelry, skin and shape are a complete look from Angelwing!

It's a bit hard to tell but the skin itself is dotted with adorable freckles and sports some soft girly makeup! With the outfit came a matching set of heart earrings and necklace.
Enjoy the look! It's super fun, flirty and best of all Freeee!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LOTD- July 13th

I come bearing gifts! This look is almost entirely free for those thrifty fashionistas out  there! Let's take a look!!

Hair: Lelutka-Hair Fair freebie fatpack 1L
Lips: Glamorize- Muah! Lipstick-07 (in dollarbie room)
Necklace: Part of outfit (See below!)
Skin: YS&YS- Megan- Group Gift

It's not often I change my skin. I have hundreds in my inventory but with the invention of tattoo layer makeup I don't have much need for them. However I absolutely adore this YS&YS skin!! As far as group gifts go this one beats out the rest imho. One of my favorite things with this skin is the added options. Rather than having to change the skin for different options this one comes with tattoo layers. You get freckles, cleavage, and different colored brow options. Note to those who are fickle about skins: the tattoo eyebrows worked well with other skins as well to give them different looks! I know it's been out for a while now so I recommend getting it before it's too late!

I also mentioned Glamorize makeups. If you have a love for changing your look on a small budget then this is the place for you. This place is jam packed with goodies. There are lucky boards, midnight manias, dollarbies around every corner, and so much more. Everything in the store is super cheap as well. Even the items marked full price are generally within 50L. The lipstick I myself wore is over the reddish lips of the YS&YS skin. I wanted something a bit closer to a deep pink. I already owned this pack of lipsticks but I can confirm that that fatpack is located in Glamorize's dollar store now! You seriously need to check these awesome deals out!!

 This outfit was another of my freebie finds! I'm loving the bright funky colors and textures of this outfit!

Worn: Coeur Noir Summer Freebie 3- Modavia group gift (join the group and find it here!)

Last but not least!!!

 I've been wanting a pair of sculpty feet flip flops. However like I've previously mentioned, I am not a huge fan of spending an extreme amount of Linden if it can be helped. These gems were a totally free group gift! Score!! These babies include a color change huge for the skin as well

You can get them by joining the +9 group in-world. It shows up as add9 in search for reference.

I've included the group link for ya's! Click here!

That's all for now! Enjoy the rest of you day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

You're my inspiration

There are a lot of changes happening in my Second Life these days. Financial shifts, location changes, basically a lot of upheaval and confusion. Being able to blog something, whether it's read or not has been a great way for me to de-stress and make memories. It seemed fitting to start out the week with a bit of enthusiasm after a long wonky weekend! While I was oozing excited vibes I stumbled upon Harlow Heslop's 'Inspire Challenge'. As i'm clearly new to blogging I haven't done a blogger challenge yet but I've always loved watching everyone else. I figured this one was as good as any to start myself off.

In the category or my blogger inspiration that medal falls to Emerald from Emerald's Eyes. I am probably one of her many huge fans. Her humor and fun attitude has kept me giggling to myself nearly every time I pull up her blog. In many ways I can thank her for putting a smile on my face and making me not feel like a failure if I haven't got the skills of a photo shop whiz. I found her blog on accident and immediately knew I had to keep reading. I know the challenge said to include a picture but as I've never met Emerald I figured I would just simply write about her. SO Emerald, someday when my blog is all grown up I want to be just like you! Keep up the fantastic work. You make me always want to add a fun attitude with a dose of sarcasm to my own pieces! <3

While Emerald is my blog hero I have one more person not associated with blogging to admire. My fantastic boss and friend Jayme Carolina is the entire reason I started writing anything in the first place. If it hadn't been for a classified add and some pushing and shoving I would probably never had the guts to put my words down for everyone to see. After a short time of working with her on the awesomeness that is Pure Magazine in-world Jayme encouraged me to pick up an article called 'The Sartorialist: SL Edition'. At the time I had zero faith in my writing skills. I figured no one would care what I had to say. Obviously I was a nay sayer with no confidence in myself. She supported me even when i half-heartedly joked about how horrible my pieces were and how I would understand if she didn't want to print it. She never once turned me down or made me feel bad about myself. With her confidence in me as my strong arm my own confidence grew. I may not be or may never be an amazing writer but I've come to understand that sometimes heart and determination are more important than 100% skill. It's okay to make mistakes and get frustrated with yourself. After watching her basically run a magazine on her own she  inspired me to put myself out there in not only the magazine but eventually this blog. She's been a mentor, critic, supporter and most of all a fantastic friend. I heart ewe!!!

As you can see we have a lot of silliness. Sometimes laughter is better than anything else. 

LOTD-July 11th Boho Princess

I'm back! I woke up this morning and the weather seems to FINALLY be nice. It's been raining a lot making for not so lovely internet time.

In honor of such a nice day I put together something bright and fun. It's a little boho meets bollywood meets... well.. Khloe! Enjoy.

Worn from Zaara:
Skirt: Trishna Print Skirt-Aqua (worn with high waisted and sculpted upper)
Shrug: Naina Distressed Shrug-gold
Bracelet: Indian Bangles-Gold/pearl- Free
Earrings: Anaya Cluster Earrings- Turquoise

There was a great sale a few weeks ago at Zaara and I went a little nuts.

Shoes: P10 Serenity Ocean- Free Group Gift(There is a VIP group for 510L with tons of gifties as well!)
Top: Maitreya- Bra Top- Cyan
Hair: Mach Opening Gift- No longer available :( Sorries

Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's gettin' there

Hey guys and gals!! SO like i said yesterday we are in the middle of a move right now! The new land is working out pretty well so far. I can confirm that we no longer look like the hillbilly wackos that moved in so that's a plus! Take a look at our new digs!

The new digs are still being worked out and as you can see there is SO much less clutter and randomness. Most of the horses are up on platforms based on owner but to keep in the farming theme we've kept a few stragglers down here and are working on putting in a sales area. Assuming sales pick up. Oh well maybe  it can be a barter yard. Who knows. Believe it or not we have about double to amount of prims as before and we still have less than 100 left. Yikes. Full sim here we come hahah. Yeah right.

Anywho I have some goodies I'll be blogging now that things here on the homestead are starting to chillax a bit! Have a fantastic weekend!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flying horses

I'm begning to think that starting a blog this week was a horrible idea. We're in the middle of moving out land because we had insane neighbors, no space and not nearly enough prims. At the moment out new plot looks like horses gone wild.

There ya go. A nice big unedited shot of what my new plot currently looks like. As you can see we have floating horses, random prims and then a cute little house. I'm pretty sure my neighbors hate me already. However I can say the floating random stuff isn't mine... so that counts for something... right? RIGHT?!

All this combined with shotty internet service atm = no LOTD. Mostly because on my end I look like a floating cloud. SO there's that. Yeah, not hot.

Okay enough time wasting, back to organizing my house around E & L's horses! It's impossible to put trees, grass and cuteness out with all the randomness going on. I'm impatient!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LOTD-July 6th- Not so wide open spaces

I'm feeling a little sad today. Someone rented the plot G and I have been hoping to snatch up for a few days now. That's one thing I hate about SL. Unless we cough up more dough to put a hold on a plot most of the time it's gone before the next pay check rolls in. It was a really great plot too! Double our current prims and even had a park someone put in. Sad Facccce :(

Anyways, here's the LOTD. Not really anything super new just a bunch of cute stuff I rediscovered while doing some clean outs!

This is the kind of outfit my RL self would wear if I could find the exact same colors and textures for an outfit. I heart this!


Dress: Kyoot- And It's Love Mini Dress-Grey (Previous Stumblebum pack)
Jacket: Mon Tissu- Porter Jean Jacket-Dark
Hair: [e]- Vivid- Brown 10
Necklace: Willow- Dream catcher necklace-Gold (Previous Group Gift)

I absolutely LOVE these sandals! I was looking for a pair of flats a few months ago that I could wear with anything. I has seen a few pairs around the grid that cost insane amount of prices in my end. I'm sorry no matter how good your products are I refuse to pay 900L for a pair of  shoes made from sculpts that can be bought my anyone on Marketplace. JUst because you hand drew those textures does not make them magic. At most you spent 1000L to make that pair of shoes... Even if you sold them for 300 your still make a profit after the first 5 people. End rant

That being saiiid:

Shoes: Skifija- Secrets of Isis

They may not be amazing quility or cone stamped with a well known brand name but they are pretty great. What sets them apart is their low price (149L) and their ability to be customized completely. Everything from the metal to the soles are color change. You can also change the brightness and shine as well. They give a big bang for their buck!

That's all for now! As this took me 3 hours to complete due to internet issues I wanted to make sure I got this out!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LOTD-July 5th

After a fantastic day spent with family and friends I'm having a bit of trouble recovering. I find myself drifting off into a dreamwork of golden light, fields of flowers and nap time. I felt I should dress up according!

 If any of your are subscribed to Hucci you may have seen the awesome gift card passed out over the weekend! I am absolutely in love with the Circolo Bodysuit from there! Worn with just one layer it's super sexy and looks incredibly comfy. Because I was in a public are I decided to add multiple layers to keep from giving anyone a free show. After rocking my little gift card I got this amazing outfit for freee! yay!

To keep in line with my whimisical feelings I wanted rose cheeks and soft kissable lips. I wanted to express a subtle sexiness that would entice anyone to follow me down my dreamy path.

Makeup worn:

Lips: Gugu Dada-Red Devil Free (there is also another lipstick and eyes to grab!)
Cheeks: A.E.Meth-Pink in dark Free (Part of the Kozmetika Summer Event-running until July 8th!)
Eyes: ))P.Art((- Foxy Kitty Eyeliner Free (Also part of Kozmetika's summer event)

In case you've been under a rock and have not been to Kozmetika I suggest you do! If you are a love of tattoo makeup and other fun looks than this is a place you need to check out often. In a previous article I wrote for Pure Magazine I sang this locations praises. Kozmetika is something of an inworld version of makeup paradise known as Sephora in RL. Makeup designers have banded together to show off some of their amazing collections all in one place for one stop shopping. It's fantastic I promise. Another bonus is every once in a while they have an event that offer free goodies for everyone! Be there or be square

Other things worn:

Shoes: Gabriel- Gladiator Sandel in Black Free (Group Gift- lots of other previous gifts to check out as well)

Hair: Truth- Serena in Espresso