Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is

If you know me in SL then you know I never stick to land or a house for very long. I despise rude neighbors, ugly build and lag. I've had my fair share of all of it. In fact I had a combo of all three when I inadvertently moved onto an amazing property that was once home to a Gorean shop and hangout. siiigh.

With that being said I love the currently land we live on. Paradise World Estates is one of the better locations we've chosen. The lag is minimal considering we own a plot on a farming sim, the prims are worth the price and the management is quick to help.

I also decided to downgrade from our big old house to a much smaller scale. For the most part we keep out separate horse farms up high but we still like to leave the ground looking pretty for when we have friends visit or we happen to sell something! Check out this adorable cottage I picked up at the Super Bargain Weekend sale!!

Sorry for the ugly. I was feeling too lazy to fight with GIMP but I did want to take the time to show you all the cuteness! It was only 60L and has so many cute details. I've always wanted a roof top deck so I was super excited!

Okay I took pity on you all for having to endure the ugliness of that pic! Here are the ad's so you can have  a better look. The cottage and accessories pack are 2 separate options but at 60L a piece it's practically free anyways!

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