Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hard Out Here For A...

Top:-tb- Banded Cropped Top (M) -  Vintage Collabor88
Skirt:-tb- Studded Skirt (S) - Black Collabor88
Tights:Izzie's - Cat Tights black

Feeling cute tonight. Thought I'd give a share. The glasses are something from circa 2009 haha. Some things are just too cute to get rid of.

On another note, I saw something today that really kind of upset me. Back in late 2011 I began working on what would soon be known as [Blossom]. I still remember driving to take these classes my husband and I were taking at the time (for something unrelated in RL) and I suddenly announced that I has spent the past few months creating and I finally felt big enough to showcase it. In the beginning of 2012 I opened my store. At the time I was flying by the seat of my pants and looking for more than one location. I saw a group IM in a stores group about someone opening a mall area. I inquired and was pursued to open. I paid for a month figuring I would see what happened. Not even halfway through my trial period, the sim was suddenly and abruptly closed. I was given my money back after I inquired about my loss of money. My stuff was returned and I never really heard much after that. A few times along the way I saw this person making other stores and setups.
I recently have received a few IMs on blogging my items which is rather interesting as my store has been in-world closed (except for Shop Free*Style and Marketplace). I've been taking Blender classes to start making my own things and hopefully re-open or re-brand.
(Picture embarrassingly newb things like a table and chair, or the "Tiffany" styled lamp that Suddenly looked like a butt plug when posted in front of all the class. EEk)
 But that hasn't happened yet. After a while I realized someone else was using the Blossom name. This happens all the time in SL and RL , so I shouldn't be surprised. But what did surprise me was the owner of the store. Remember that store I mentioned above. Color me shocked when that same owner was now re-branding as Blossom. I have no idea for how long, but for some reason it just felt wrong to me.I don't know, maybe I'm touchy but it seems odd to me that someone from my past, especially another designer would suddenly be blowing up all over using a name I had chosen nearly 3 years ago..Especially someone who was running under a different brand...also super similar to another store...

What else is new in Khloe Land....

I guess you could say I'm back. Probably not much to blogging except to post updates on my Blender skills, or lack there of... and to show occasional cute things!