Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jumbled brain-LOTD, Wedding, Fashion Garret -Oh my

I'm going to pick out the flowers for my wedding today. Or I guess I should say I'm going to pick out the flowers for my first wedding. Yes, you read that right. Somehow because of timing conflicts I am having two weddings. A small one now and a larger affair down the road when money, time and the correct location prevail. Sigh. I hate planning ONE wedding. I think I missed the wedding gene somewhere along the way. - save meeee o.O

Anywho I didn't want to leave you with nothing for today so lucky me I have some stuff for you guys!!

First off I wanted to share some exciting news. If any of you have read my 'SL Sartorialist' column you'll be happy to know I plan on moving a smaller probably more insane version of it here in the upcoming months. I do plan to keep it a once a month deal currently as it is a huge undertaking for me to be doing alone. We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping to make some changes along the way and really find my nitch with it. So yay!

And now for the LOTD goodies! I have SO many things I want to show you all and just a little bit of time to do it. Hopefully over the next few days I'll be able to sit down and show you all of the free, cheap and amazing things I've found!

For now:
If you haven't been to 'The Fashion Garret' this past week then you need to get your booty over there! This look includes two of the awesome pieces I grabbed this time!

Hat/Hair: Angel Hair- Samantha in Soil
Bodysuit: Tulip-  Comes with 2 versions this floral print and the plain green. Also includes some adorable flats!

All of these items were under 75L which in my book is the best part! I can't seem to force myself to take either item off. I've paired the body suit with jeans, shorts and skirts. This hair has become a new staple in my hair world. I love big floppy hats in SL because in RL they annoy the beejezus out of me; what with their flopping, blowing away or blinding me. This SL version is sweet and adorable. Better yet? It fit's amazingly well and the color is fantastic. Also it's hard to tell but the hat itself sports a peacock feather: Awesome!

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