Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Meme- Khloe Returns!

Hey ya'll! I'm back! Well.. back long enough to participate in this Monday Meme!

I was bored this afternoon and decided to check out Berry's Processing tutorial. My pictures tend to be a bit sorry looking so I gave it a minimal go. I didn't really have a chance to play, but it was still fun! I use GIIMP, instead of PS. FYI- The Liquify in Gimp is under Filters> Distorts> IWarp. I never even knew that existed! OMG.
To give ya an example of what my original shot looked like...

Normally I would have cropped that sucker, maybe added a few highlights and slapped a DONE sticker on it. Yeah- pathetic. I don't blame y'all for not reading me anymore.

SO.. meme time!

Monday Meme Instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers into your blog post, delete my answers and input your own. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so we can all come by, read your answers and secretly judge you.
  1. Which was the last sim you visited? (Other than your home) Solaria Isle, Visiting the Free*Style Store
  2. Does your avatar look like the real you? Not really. She's more like the 'me' I'm working on being. Getting in shape and trying to pretend like there is more to fashion than yoga pants and t-shirts. Yeahh.
  3. Do you wear underwear/panties underneath your clothing when out and about on the grid? YES! With the creation of mesh, it became necessary! Before I only had undies for events! Now I'm afraid I'll have another no rez issue and be stuck naked. Or ya know, when someone isn't rezzing on your end and their mesh is like 30x bigger than it's supposed to be..or doesn't ever show up and it's like, "OH, hello, there's your lady"
  4. If you won a million linden dollars, what would be the first thing you buy inworld? All the clothes and hair I always wanted and never bought because it was "too expensive". Then I would cash the rest out and live large in RL for a bit
  5. Have you ever bought something in SL and then realized afterwards that you had already owned it from before? Oy, I do this a lot. This is one of the bad things about being hyper organized. I tend to forget to look in the organized parts and only take a glance at the messy, newer purchases. SIDE NOTE:I also hate when I buy something and then realize I can't use it! I bought this book for an RP I was a part of. It was expensive for me (about 1,000L in 2009). I bought it after being urged by the RP leader, only to be told later that my profile had a glitch that would not allow me to use the item. It was no trans, FAIL.
  6. Have you ever done anything in Second Life that would be considered illegal in real life?Oh yeah. I mean there was the normal for SL, joy riding, breading into houses and stuff. I did do one really bad thing one. Back before I met my RL hubby I was "engaged" in SL. First of all, the guy was a I was marrying a wild animal? OOPS. EEK. There was the whole failed engagement and the vanishing wedding payment.. but that's a whole other story.. shhhh
  7. If you could go out on a date with any other avatar, who would it be? I'm so totally boring, I love my husband! Can we have a girls night instead, with people I'd want to drag along? Yes? OKAY!. I would totally drag Berry, Alicia Chenaux and Emerald Wynn, and kidnap them for a girly outing. The end.
  8. Who, in your opinion, was the greatest avatar to ever slive? My old boss Jayme. She was epically cool and amazing in RL and SL!
  9. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done inworld? Well there was the whole getting locked in a lesbian sex dungeon... Uhm or the time I agreed to fill in as a stripper for a bachelor party. Or the time when this girl I'd been helping in SL tp'd me randomly. It turns out she was tping me to give her away at her "collaring ceremony". It was in Portuguese and everyone was naked... There are just so many stupidly funny things I've done in the world, I swear!
  10. If your avatar had a mind of its own, what do you think it would say to you? "For the love of God, woman! Put me in something other than HEELS!", or "Khloe, seriously? Could you at least have chosen a different spelling  so Kardashian rejects would stop harassing me?!"
SO there ya have it! Thanks for stopping in!