Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to my world!

In many ways I feel this has been a long time coming. I'm not expecting some overwhelming sea of visits or support from this..It just ends up as a way to vent.

Let's introduce ourselves shall we? In Second Life I'm known as Khloe Nitely, though I can almost guarentee I have more alts than I know what to do with. I've been in SL a while. Probably not as long as some, but nearly 4 years now. I feel this time has left me with a firm grasp on reality in SL.

Occasionally you have have seen my name associated with Pure Magazine in SL. I did a lot of background work there as well as a monthly column "The Sartorialist: SL edition". I have a lot of respect for the original RL man himself Scott Schuman. While I tried to take note from him I also wanted to write something fun and interesting remaining myself.

If there is one thing I have learned over the past few years, it is that life if fickle. One minute you are in, the next you are out. I hope to bring a little fashion, a lot of laughs and I'm sure plenty of rants in blogs to come.

Sit back, enjoy the ride

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