About Khloe

Hey guys!

As I'm sure you've come to see I'm Khloe Nitely! I've been in Second Life for about 4 years now. Previous to joining SL I never participated in any other Virtual Worlds. The closest I had ever come was playing the Sims or whatever games my guy friends were playing on their gaming systems. I found SL while watching TV one night. CSI did an episode on the game as some of you might remember. I happened to watch this during a time when it was snowing hard and I was bored out of my skull. A few minutes later an avatar was born. I didn't originally start out as Khloe. I had another avatar but  after a rather confusing start I gave up for a while. Eventually Khloe was born.

While in SL I've made many friends and my fair share of enemies. I made a fortune while working as a dancer/host/jack of all trades. I've dabbled in creating textures, skins, clothing, shoes and even homes. I've been an assistant, a wife, a mother, a boss and a lacky. The most significant thing for me in SL has been GC. Not many people know I met my RL husband here on SL. I first saw him as almost a brand spankin' newbie. There I was at my pimps and ho's even dressed in my freebie undies someone had given me. In walks this big red demon in a purple pimp suit. I thought he looked intimidating and absurd but everyone seemed to know him and love him. At that point I put him out of my mind. Through a series of events and weeks we somehow ended up thrown together in multiple group settings. We eventually became friends but I don't think either one of us ever saw a relationship in the future. I was too busy being new and he was too busy being  "cool". As fate would have it we became extremely close and he was there to drag me out of a pretty deep time in my life. Eventually we learned he lived near someplace I had one lived and had been looking to visit again. During a trip to see family we met and so began the story of Khloe and GC. In August 2011 we were married in RL.

To be honest my SL isn't really fun and games these days. I spend a lot of time finding things to write about and getting those pieces finished. I've been known to take long breaks from the game when it gets to be too much to handle. I only keep a small handful of friend because I've learned over the years most people just want something from you. I'm actually pretty shy but this allows me to meet and greet without having to lay all my cards on the table. When I trust I trust hard. I hate lies, bad TP's, random requests and bots.

Also: My name is not after Khloe Kardashian. I in fact didn't even know she existed until after I was born :D

That's pretty much me in a nutshell! You can contact me in-world as long as you clearly state your purpose or email me @ KhloeNitely@gmail.com