It is my firm belief that anyone in Second Life can be fashionable for only a small amount of Linden or even none at all if you know how to do it right.

I would also like to point out that while my blog leans more towards free, cheap or oldie but goodies... I myself do enjoy a good shopping spree. By designers being so generous to offer free, cheap or group gifts in their stores it enables me to decide if it's the type of place I would want to spend my hard earned lindens. Please, please keep that in mind when you stop into a store that I've mentioned a goody is from, take a look around you might find something amazing!

With that being said, I've put together a list of places that I know are helpful to those of us on a budget. There are of course places like 'Freebie Dungeon' or 'Freebie Island' but I do believe in high quality! If you know of a place you'd like to see added, just let me know!

Belleza- Paid Group-250L ( Male and Female)
Mambo Chic- Dollarbies, Cheapies and lucky boards (Female)
Mother Goose's- 30 Lucky Boards, Cheapies inside and out (Male and Female)

Insufferable Dastard- Group Gifts, Freebies, Hunt items
Poetic Colors- New players pack, freebie

Analog Dog- Freebie Bubbles on beach
Exile- Free Fatpacks (Male and Female)

Skiki- Group Gifts (Male and Female)
Gizza- Group Gifts (Male and Female)

In Her Shoes- Free! (Male and Female)

Overall Freebie/Cheapies:
Glam Affair- 10L store
Fab Free Headquarters- Multiple Designers

Designer Discount Stores: Under 100L (Items from high end designers placed at discounted prices. Most changed weekly)

The Fashion Garret
The Dressing Room 
The Dressing Room Blue
Chic Boutique
My Second Wardrobe
The Grunge Soul Project

Many stores are offering paid groups now. I recommend choosing some you like and joining them. Most that require a payment are very generous with their gifts! Even the still free ones are great at offering deals and steals. Know what you like and stick to it. It generally pays in the long run and can lead you to finding some amazing designers!