Friday, March 7, 2014

There's a [Blossom] Over the Rainbow

Well to be precise, [Blossom] has re-opened it's door at the Over The Rainbow Market!

Oh my gosh , you guys, so exciting!

First off let me tell you a little about [Blossom]. For those of you new to things I opened [Blossom] a few years ago. Due to some RL changes and my mainstore sim being closed, [Blossom] shut down in July of 2013. At the time I wasn't sure if or when I would be able to open again.

This past week has been a whirl wind of excitement, chaos and well stuff I don't need to air in public!

Thanks to my amazing family on Cali, I was given the opportunity to re-open my store. I've got tons of mesh and scultped clothing and shoes.

To celebrate our re-opening I have created a brand new dress for you all! There are 6 great options, each at a low price of 100L!

You will Find 3 basic color options and 3 floral top options! I really hope you enjoy!!

You will also find a brand new group gift in store as well as many older group gifts/freebies out for you too!!
The group is 25L to join and please be sure to wear your tag!

You can find the new [Blossom] Main store Here!

And now for the big news!!!!

My family has done something pretty cool. In fact they took a life long dream of mine and started making it a reality.

Over The Rainbow Market!

Over the Rainbow Market is a full service family friendly sim. You can look forward to a kitty/animal market place with seceral different sized stalls and stores to meet everyones needs.

There is also a Lovers Lane for Kittycats! Have you got a cat looking for a mate, or perhaps just too many cats to hold on to? Renters, you can sell your live and loveable cats on the cute little mushroom garden. Lovers lane is located in the enchanting Fairy forest. There are hidden snuggle spots for those romantic (but G rated) outings.

If you are like me, gachas can really break the bank sometimes! Be sure to check out the Over the Rainbow Yard Sale and kiddo playground! There are current stalls for rent as well as some items already set about from the most recent Arcade and Woodland creatures gacha events! Grab a stall and start selling!!

If you happen to be looking for a little time out, check out the various views around the sim, you can explore an old lighthouse, browse the up and coming Market area- home to [Blossom] and Coming Soon Mars~is~a~cloud and Soul Shards. Offered near by is a fun dock filled with all your needs for a little Neo Realms Fishing!

This is a really special project and we hope you and your family will stop by and enjoy it as much as we do!

There are tons of great things to see and explore on this sim! Stop in soon!!

For rental info- grab an open stall and contact one of the owners for a tag. If you need a specific stall or option contact AubreyG Bracken for your rental needs!