Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Blossom] Sale


You Read right my darlings! All BLUE shoes are currently 50% off an already reduced price! This means you can snag anything blue, including new releases, for 50L! Yay. Lasts from May 28th - May 31st, so you have a bit of time! Enjoy!

Now onto something plaguing me- Designers, how do you handle or take measures to prevent others from copy botting your items. I know it's pretty much a lost cause but I always wonder if there happens to be a tip or trick I haven't heard of yet?

I recently found out some of my shoes has been copybotted by someone pretending to blog my items. I chalk one up to my being overly thrilled someone liked my stuff, let alone wanted to blog it without me shoving it on them, It makes me sad that now I'm just a bit more cautious about who and what I'm giving away. I want to trust you all, but I've had my first real designer lesson.

I tend to brand a lot of my shoes anyhow but still... It's almost entertaining. Have I come so far that people WANT to steal from me? Or am I just a sitting duck? As I've been dealing with that and the fall out I've been a bit hesitant to make a new release like normal, and I have sooo many things waiting in the wings to be shown to everyone! I discovered what looked like to me, my neighbor usi9ng the exact same texture in her house, only tinted a bit. Normally I'm like "yay, similar tastes!!", except.. I made this particular texture. Had she asked I probably would have offered it to her. It puts another damper on things because these new wall textures were inspiring me to expand my business from just shoes. I've made quite a few of my own home textures over the years and I had considered selling them or something, who knows what will happen now!

Boo hoo, wah wah- Okay I'm done! On a positive note, I've been playing with some mesh cothing in my mad scientist labratory! I might, MAYBE considered releasing some items eventually. Maybe baby.

Anyways, Hope you all enjoy the sale and had a pleasant long weekend if you were so lucky as to get one@

Until next time! XOXO

Monday, May 21, 2012

All I needed was a bit more Focus

Hello darlings!

I've been such a Debbie Downer lately with my blogging. I'm hoping that will change soon! I got a fantastic offer the other day and I just could not possibly pass it up!

When it comes to blogging and poses most of you will notice I generally stand the same way. After a while we all know that can be a bit "Blah". SO when I received an ffer to try working to Focus Poses I was pretty much over the moon. If you havent been here yet you absolutely need to. I'm always looking for something a bit different than the generic 'cocked hip' pose. Carol and Fabio have created a greeat set up of some amazing couple and singles poses. You can absolutely be sure that most of what you'll see in the future will be from them!

Anywho, these great poses gave me that jump start I needed to blog some things I've snagged for myself recently...

Hello freebies! I recently snagged this adorable mesh outfit from Hucci's subsciber. I am all about the fact that it's actually seperate pieces so not only do I get a super cute mesh outfit, but I can mix and match the items into my wardrobe. Double the awesomeness. I decided to pair them with the latest [Blossom] shoe I'm working on. These aren't availabe quite yet but you can snag a free blue pair in the subscriber at my main store!  To complete the look I had my sights on the newest group gift from [Elikatira]! (Group costs 250L)

I've been holding onto this gown for a few days now.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogger reviews- Want some?

Hello darlings!

I have so much to say! My heads a bit scrambled. First off- [Blossom] is currently looking for some awesome folks to blog shoes! In the past I've been pretty generous with my bloggers. Being a blogger myself I can appreciate someone who is eager and willing and might not be at the top of the blogging food chain. I've usually let them come to me with requests but after some recent shady dealings I've decided to put my feelers out and see if there are any takers.

1. [Blossom] Review Policy
   -Currently I do accept request for reviews.
   -I have a general pack I am currently sending
       However, If you want a specific color or style
       Just ask!
    - To submit for reviews send a notecard including:
        -Avatar Name
        -Blog Name
        -Link to blog
        -How old the blog is
        -Feeds, if any.

All i request in return is that you do not abuse the privilage and actually blog my items. To be sure of this please submit a link to me showing your work blogging [Blossom] Shoes! That's all! I retain the right to remove review privileges  for any reason including but not limited to failure to blog!

I recently did a sweep of bloggers who had come requesting my items only to find out some had stopped blogging completely and or never blogged items received. I don't expect you to blog everything I give, however if you ask me for a specific item you wish to blog I do expect it to be blogged

Also to give you an idea of what you would be dealing with, this is [Blossom]'s latest group notice!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Color me Culture Socked

Hello loelies!

RL has kept me more busy than normal lately. I've been caught betwen enjoying the gorgeous weather and cringing at all the tornado warnings we've gotten recently!

Today's a pretty yuck day but at least there's no sirens for now! I took a bit of time to drag myself over to the Culture Shock event this afternoon. I am always a big fan of anything Chic Management does so I knew I was in for a treat! 

Anywho I really went for one purpose this time around... G*Field. I so love anything they make so when I saw they had some adorable meshy skirts and a FREE pair of heels I hightailed it on over! They are offering some amazing frilly skirts right now for 180L a piece. However they have  a special vendor out with 2 exclusive colors that offer 100% of proceeds to the Doctor's Without Borders Charity. Those 2 skirts are marked down to 100L. These colors are exclusive and super cute. You have the choice of a Goldenrod Yello and a Pink edged Denim.

Please take note these items are MESH so you need to make sure your viewer can handle that. Also be sure to grab the super generous golden heels she's set out as well!Check out some of the goodies I snagged..