Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, but I'm feeling a bit Blah

Hey lovlies!

I had originally planned on showing something ghoul-tastic today in honor of Halloween butttt.. I ended up being introduced to this adorable store called Blah!

The stuff in this store is a bit out of my comfort zone but everything was so cute I couldn't resist sharing it with you all! It's a very 'American' store dipped in sugary sweetness. Imagine bright colors mixed with baseball T's, sweater dresses and  a great assortment of eyes, piercings and tatts! I am a total sucker for rich textures and cutesy items. You all really need to get over there and check things out!

Prices are absolutely reasonable and there are a ton of goodies to grab as well! hOshi is an incredibly generous designer who is active in hunts as well as offering 2 cheap gifts for Halloween and 3 lucky boards. Be sure to join her group as well because it's absolutely free as well as needed it to stalk the lucky boards and to get that free group gift in stores!

Pic 1: Top- Halloween cheapie (there is also a lingerie set offered as well!)
Pic 2: Top-  Lucky board item
Pic 3: Top- Group gift item!

The skirt shown in all three pictures is another lucky board item I snagged at Blah!

What are you waiting for?! Get on over there and snag some awesome deals!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Hello again lovelies!

I just wanted to take a moment to show off my newest chilly weather look!

DCNY just released an adorable cable knit mesh sweater dress! I can't even begin to tell you how much this means to me! One of my favorite looks for the chilly seasons consists of sweater dresses and tights. In the past I've never been fully satisfied with the final look of any sculpted bottoms as the skirt portion never seems to full match up. Currently the dress is offered in a multitude of colors! You can find it in-world or on marketplace! Be sure to try out a free demo and obviously be using a mesh enabled viewer!!

Also worn:
Hair & boots- [elikatira] - Currently having it's 1 yrs Anniversary (70% off) until Oct 30th
Tights: Jane's subscribo gift

PS: Does anyone remember the store Wrong?! It was one of my first find way back in the day. There was a time when it was the best and most affordable clothing out there for my newbie self. The items were a little bit punk/grunge and totally awesome. Anyway where was I going with this?

Oh right! Wrong is back baby! There is a 24h 100L sale going on  starting at midngiht so stop on  it and take a trip down memory lane! hugggles

Monday, October 24, 2011

DollCoco- let's chat it out

OKay, has anyone else been to DOLLCOCO? I've heard some whisps of convo and decided to try it out when I saw that the owner had set the light and dark body parts as a free group gift.

I was actually really excited about all this because I happen to have what I consider my "broken dolly" alt. Pretty much she's got something of a cracked skin, a cutsey dress and hair and she reminds me off a neglected doll. I love her look so much I've never found anything to replace her outdated skin or other items. When I heard about the new "doll" avatars popping up I figured I would test drive them before I did the real deal.

Here's the thing. While I think the concept is new and exciting I don't love the end results. For one, I'd hoped for more body styles. The tall lanky model look isn't really what I would hope my dolly looked like. Another thing is the issues with mesh when removing the parts later on.

When I first removed the parts and got back to my normal self there was something horribly wrong with my avatar. No matter what shape I tried I was stuck in some sort of stretched out and squished old school "Ruth". Thinking it was just me I rebaked and eventually had to relog. I ended up relaying the message to my husband who in turn tried it himself (on a totally different PC) Again upon removal there were some serious shape errors. He also noticed that the eyes were displaced with the wonky shape and therefore were always following the camera. It was a bit creepy to say the least.

All in all I have to say I was pretty disappointed. However being me I always have to find some of the good in things. The idea in itself is pretty awesome and the store left me feeling like I had stepped into "Build A Bear". Also the outfits and added items were pretty neat as well :D

Creativity: A
Execution: D

As an update: I worried that it was some sort of SL meltdown with mesh itself. This seemed to not be the case. I was able to wear all my mesh goodies with no issues except for the DOLLCOCO items.

Thoughts, comments? Has anyone had this happen?

The Amazing Downfall of Khloe

Hi darlings!

First off, feast your eyes on this:

Isn't that the best picture EVER?! Yeah, that's what I'm seeing upon login. Supposedly that would be Truth's mainstore. Clearly something is amiss here. I've been crashing, freezing, and just plain sucky all afternoon! It took me a half hour just to get a group gift and only becasue I was convinced I had to have it in the event SL decides to die.

I'm having flashbacks circa 2007-2008 when the grid totally went down and there was a scant 1000 of us still clinging to life as "Ruth"'s. A few of my friends and I rode out the great death of SL after a party. We ended up marooned on an island and we all had tiny boobs and  big feet, even the guys. Those were the days. However this horrible slow death is just NO fun. Is it just me? Or is there something more going on that I'm not clued in on yet?

Update: Truth finally rezzed bt that group gift from elsewhere I wasted all that time on? GONE.

I'm a but cranky. It's been an odd few days. I spent yesterday in the hospital... again. It's starting to feel like this is my initiation into a new place. Move = ER visit. I will say this tiny town has a very decent hospital. For the first time in my life there was NO ONE in the waiting room. I was in, and with a doctor in under 20 minutes. Apparently someone thought it would be a hoot to give me McDreamy's younger brother while I was weeping in pain. I swear this kid was younger than me. But he took my pain away and for that I can't fault him.

However his free hand with the pain meds left me sleepy as all get out. INsert drowsy wakeup this AM and I had to go to the DMV to get my new license. Not a pretty site. However I did pass the stupid written test. Seriously who the heck makes everyone take a written test when they've been driving for years with no record? Annoyance.

Anywho: the moral of this story is... not a clue. SL has decided to dislike me. If it's not just me feel free to let me know. Until I can long in correctly -hugs!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Step into my dorky world

Hello lovelies! I wanted to share some excitement with you all! This is a bit of a step outside SL but it does have to do with the future of my blogging!!

I got a tablet! Or I guess I should say I've been loaned one (uhm yeah i'm not giving it up!) My Father-in-law was super kind to give me his barely used tablet. He bought it for work purposes, used it for less than an hour and completed the task he needed it for. I've been drooling over it for a while now.

I've read some good and bad reviews about how other bloggers and photogs with tablets feel about them. It seems a bit of a toss up. I happen to adore this one, at least for picture editing purposes. Sometimes I've wanted to get a bit artsy for the sake of a challenge or just for a personal picture and doing some of the things I've wanted just hasn't worked out with a mouse. SO yay, excitement. And please bear with me are I take the journey into something totally new for me :D

Oh and what's a blog without a picture! I'm not a great artist but it did giveme a better scale of what I could expect to do :D

I drew this completely by hand and then cheated with a but of autofill while i played around. I'd liken it to the work of a child but hey considering i couldn't even sign my name with a mouse I'm pretty excited to start advancing.

Also for anyone interested in how it would help them:

Editing or creating makeup especially delicate pieces is SO much easier.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Hunt-Ricielli Style

If you are like me the changing of the seasons generally means an overhaul of your wardrobe. I've made it no secret that I tend to dress myself ( for the most part) in whatever trends are popping up in seasonal wears.

As I mentioned in my last post I've been getting my hands into some of the large hunts again. While multi Sim hunts can be a blast and introduce you to all types of new things, I often enjoy a simple one store hunt. Ricielli is one of my favorite places to enjoy during a hunt. I happen to love the fact that the items can all be mixed and matched to make multiple high fashion as well as casual outfits.

Another great fact about Ricielli hunts is the lack of a time constraint. Granted no hunt can last forever but I've never found myself worrying about not finishing in the alloted amount of time. Add to this the interesting hunt layout. The items are generally easy to find but you also aren't going to always find things where you would expect. If you are looking for the shoes you might just end up finding them in the skin section. This coy setup allows for the hunter to truly look around the store while still being able to find the items they want at a fast pace. Of course some of you might be wondering how you'd even know what to be looking for or what gifts to be expecting. If you happen to be a Ricielli group member the hunt note cards are always send out and they always include a single picture detailing the hunt items as well as what will be inside. The hunt items are numbered to make it easier. If you aren't interested in a specific option because you already have it you can simply verify the number on the item with the number on the picture and voilĂ  - no gift repeats!

Check out the latest hunt going on now! Also keep in mind unlike most hunts the items you will be getting are not necessarily 'Autumn or Halloween' colors! Sometimes it's nice to get something fresh!

I loved the colors in this hunt. I've never missed the opportunity to catch a hot Ricielli item :D

I will give you a few helpful bits of info and thoughts on the products.  Each hunt item costs 15L. So if you happen to be a freebie fashionista then this hunt isn't for you. However if you like to snag an amazing deal while checking out a hot store then what are you waiting for!?

Also in regards to the items themselves:
- The 2 sets of earrings are a great steal. Keep in mind the jewelry tends to be on the large side and a big chunky.

- Number 17 is a multi colored shawl type shirt. If you have an avatar that moved her arms or has any chest thrusting animations you might want to skip this. I personally had some issues sizing it to one of my other personalities.

- Number 18 is a one shouldered Little Black Dress. Be warned this is one of Fhara's first attempts with mesh. There are 2 size options but I found it hard to size on myself. If you are a bit busty this might be up your alley/ However if you aren't yet sporting a Mesh viewer than move right along to the next goody.

JUst to give you an idea of the wear ability of the items :D

Monday, October 17, 2011

Let the hunt begin

I've been doing something I haven't done in a while. Hunts in SL. I'd thought I had outgrown them for the most part. I think mostly it had to do with the fact that I was using a less than stellar PC at the time which mean I was the girl you'd see half naked 'ghost walking' by you on the sim. Hunts or anything that make for tons of people near me pretty much were a bust.

I'd say I became a virtual hermit of sorts which is pretty sad considering one generally uses SL to be .. ya know.. social. That being said my new PC is a whole ton better. I haven't been using it so much because I don't have a desk ATM. Currently I'm rocking this makeshift uncomfy thang.. one of those little fold up tables lazy people eat tv dinners on... or old people use.. yeahhh one of those... and because my monitor and speakers take up it's entire surface I'm balancing my keyboard on a folded piece of cardboard. Gawd... I'm so ghetto!

It's okay, you can laugh if you want to. I do often.

Anyways believe it or not this post was actually about the hunts i did! Overall I like a good hunt. I tend to do well publicized ones for the most part. I also have a habit of choosing hunt I can skip around on. Because let's face it...relying on finding the next item to move on drives me INSANE.

Let's take the Zombie Popcorn hunt for example. 100 stores of awesome. SOMEHOW I managed to start the hunt before the hunt list and hints were passed out. I knew there were a few specific items from the hunt that I wanted to get right away as my time online is pretty much touch and go. So there I am huffing and puffing without my list and getting more mad by the minute. I'm pretty sure at one point I spent a half hour in a store looking for the little popcorn bag. There was a LOT of cursing and mumbling under my breath. I'm also pretty sure at some point I made a vow to myself. I decided any store that hid their item to the point of making me mad wouldn't be getting my patronage any time soon.

That's a big thing for me. I love hunts. And while hints are nice I really enjoy searching, laughing over silly mess ups with people and just generally getting the chance to explore forgotten or never before seen stores. However when I walk into a store that hid the item SO well that there ends up being an overflowing jam or people still looking, I start to get annoyed. Furthermore while I get that being cunning is great for a hunt, I feel excessive 'fake' hunt items, tinting the hunt item to blend with the color of your store or making it so small it's hard to tell the hunt item from a spot on your screen- is cheating. Or at the very least bad taste. I feel if I get to the point where if I have the option to move on without getting your item because I've looked for 15 minute or more and sill haven't found it- chances are I'm going to write your store off as well.

-End rant-

Look. I have things to show you. I ended up doing bits and pieces of multiple hunts that will take me forever to sort through. However I did manage to get these gems out of hiding!

Sweater- -Addict- : The seasons Hunt Item
Hair- Fri. : The seasons Hunt Item
Loung Pillow w/ accessories- {meberry} : Indian Summer Hunt Gift

That's all for now! It's my hubby's birthday so I'm going to go help him eat the cake! :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shop till you like Mesh

I'm really feeling very over Firestorm's issues lately. I don't know if it's me or something on their end but goodness is SL sucking for me right now. I've been crashing at nearly every TP, lagging so baddly at my own house I end up on the other side of the Sim. Suffice to say in the past 24hrs SL has decided to HATE me.

I tried rocking a non-mesh beta viewer and it worked briefly until all the items I snagged to show ended up being mesh. and then well. GRR. Anywho.. Hold onto your panties ladies because I have been shooooppping!

Picture 1: Tights, and Mesh Dress: Jane (Dress is on sale this weekend for 50L! There are 2 other colors available as well as goodies from various other stores on the sim!)
                Shoes:Leverocci @ The Dressing Room

Picture 2: Dress: Raspberry Aristocrat: (50L weekend item as well! There is a hair available too!)

Picture 3: Dress: PurpleMoon: Group Gift (Gloves and Fuzzy Collar included)
                Shoes: N-Core @ The Fashion Garret

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Wanna Collabor88 With my 50L Friday

SO many goodies. <3

First off I hit Whippet & Buck's 50L friday item. As of Sunday it was still hanging on the wall. I'd say if you love it, try your luck!

 After grabbing this gorgeous backless dress I snagged some goodies from this round of Collabor88. The items this time were right up my alley! I ended up with some adorable clothes and hairstyles! You'll have to stop in yourself to get the full shabang. Also, pictures below is one color of the group gift. Currently there are 12 candies hidden around the location. You must be wearing the Collabor88 group tag to get the gifties when you click them! Each candy contains a top or bottom like the outfit I'm showing. 6 awesome free outfits all together! Yay!!

I would have loved to show all the color combos but time this weekend has been tight. We had company come visit our already hectic new life. Oh family.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mon Tissu I adore you

I've been enjoying the seasonal changes in RL a lot. It's the first time in a year I am not surrounded by palm trees!

I was super excited to check out the latest releases from Mon Tissu in-world last night! I'll admit I did go a bit overboard on purchases. I also snagged my look from the picture ad because it was so very Khloe. It's quite hard to tell in this photo but I gave myself a bit of a makeover as well.

Worn: sweater, skirt, stocking and shoes all releases from Mon Tissu! Check them out!

Hair: [69]- MIMI 01- Mocha (Tinted) Currently on sale!

As I've mentioned often I tend to change my look with the seasons just like in RL. With this in mind I decided to go a shade lighter on my skin than normal. I also went a few shades lighter on my hair. It's minor but it still feels huge! Check it out

Old Khloe- Taken in July

New Khloe- Taken today!

Believe it or not these two photos were taken months apart. I chose to show the same hair and look in a lighter style to show the difference from then until now! I've had a few minor head shape changes over the months but have basically stayed the same. What do we think of the "new" me?

Whhheeeww. I'm calling it a day. This laptop I am currently using is horrible. It took me nearly 3 hours just to post this! I so miss my awesome computer. After a total of 15 crashes on SL I grabbed the least glitchy photos to work with.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Let me Blow you Mind Amaretto Horse Lovers

If you've been following my blog at all then I am sure you are aware that being on SL is a bit hard atm. This being said some decisions had to be made.

It saddens me to say we've decided to move to a smaller plot. While I do hate to reduce prims, we will be doing something insane. It's time to say goodbye to the horses.

If you happen to be a lover of the Amaretto Breedable Horses then you might want to take a chance and stop in! I know... sales pitch. Yikes. But this news might perk you up a bit...

Currently we are selling:

300 bundles placed out- Price: 10L a bundle
300 bundles in random bundle giver- Price: 10L a try

Walkers( Black, Tan, White, Silver), Andalusians, Arabians,Clydesdales ( Black Painted, Brown painted, 8t Brown, Black), Pintos,shetlands and Brindles.

Many different eyes including: Cosmic and Mystic Galaxy, Fire and Ice, Yin Yang, Cirque and True Albino.
Live- Non LE's or Charmed Priced 100-200L no matter the traits

Limited Editions:
 Esteems, RFLs, Full Set of BCA's, Sakura's just birthed and more.
All LE's 200-1000L

Demon, Albino (M/F), Pegacorn, Pegasus
All Charmed 2,000L

I know the prices are a bit shocking in some areas but it's time to cut the chord. If we havened all of them I think it would be like saying I plan to start over again at some point. There are so many amazing horses we are offering that still have plenty of life left in them, ranging from 2T-9T. If you don't need anything right now the bundles are worth oodles of Haven points! Stop on in!!

The horses will be around until tomorrow evening! (Sun. Oct 2nd)

Horse Sale
Horse Sale