Thursday, September 20, 2012

What do you wear under there?

Hello lovelies!

If you've ever scanned my blog then you know I'm a huge mesh fan. For the most part I've stuck to dresses and sweaters but I've been expanding into tops and even jeans as of late.

On a recent shopping trip into a mesh filled store one thing really struck me. There were a LOT of naked people walking around. A LOT. At first glance it looked like the nudist colony had decided to run a raid and I was a bit appalled. As things began to rez a bit for me those naked folks were suddenly wearing mesh items.

A lot of people who wear mesh slap on the alpha layer to squeeze themselves into a size and that's that. Most folks never consider the fact that while the alpha layer might suck up your extra thigh junk and erase the junk in your trunk... it leaves some private parts on total display.

My computer runs pretty fast.. in fact it's pretty kick ass. But there are days when SL is just laggy and it takes time to rez in. During those moments I see a lot of naked people and or people covered in alpha layers and little yellow triangles until they properly show up. It can be a bit daunting when the girl standing a few meters from me has an AO that jumps up and down and then touches her toes all while her naught bits are bouncing and full frontal. I'm not a prude but YEESH.

I guess I've always kept a close eye on what I wear with my mesh. When mesh was first introduced I would wear some now and then and I almost always got told I was naked, invisible or some variation. So I started wearing a few extra layers.l Let's face it, this is SL.. extra generally doesn't bulk you up. So I now have a cute collection of underthings and plain layers that I can toss under something. I might wear a cute undies set or even a set of jeans under my jeans. You never know who doesn't see you the way you see yourself!

SO that leads to the question? What do YOU wear under there? Are you a bare it all kind of person or are you conscious of what you have on and how someone might view you?

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hello loves!

Just a quicky to show some new poses I picked up recently!!

Focus Poses has been pumping out tons of new goodies at way affordable prices! I tend to be a huge fan of their model line because they have just the right amount of visual attitude without going overboard. I'm showing this time around a jumble of poses from the Model packs 100, 101 and 102! Believe me when I say this isn't even all of them, just a few of my favs! enjoy