Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, but I'm feeling a bit Blah

Hey lovlies!

I had originally planned on showing something ghoul-tastic today in honor of Halloween butttt.. I ended up being introduced to this adorable store called Blah!

The stuff in this store is a bit out of my comfort zone but everything was so cute I couldn't resist sharing it with you all! It's a very 'American' store dipped in sugary sweetness. Imagine bright colors mixed with baseball T's, sweater dresses and  a great assortment of eyes, piercings and tatts! I am a total sucker for rich textures and cutesy items. You all really need to get over there and check things out!

Prices are absolutely reasonable and there are a ton of goodies to grab as well! hOshi is an incredibly generous designer who is active in hunts as well as offering 2 cheap gifts for Halloween and 3 lucky boards. Be sure to join her group as well because it's absolutely free as well as needed it to stalk the lucky boards and to get that free group gift in stores!

Pic 1: Top- Halloween cheapie (there is also a lingerie set offered as well!)
Pic 2: Top-  Lucky board item
Pic 3: Top- Group gift item!

The skirt shown in all three pictures is another lucky board item I snagged at Blah!

What are you waiting for?! Get on over there and snag some awesome deals!!

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