Friday, October 7, 2011

Mon Tissu I adore you

I've been enjoying the seasonal changes in RL a lot. It's the first time in a year I am not surrounded by palm trees!

I was super excited to check out the latest releases from Mon Tissu in-world last night! I'll admit I did go a bit overboard on purchases. I also snagged my look from the picture ad because it was so very Khloe. It's quite hard to tell in this photo but I gave myself a bit of a makeover as well.

Worn: sweater, skirt, stocking and shoes all releases from Mon Tissu! Check them out!

Hair: [69]- MIMI 01- Mocha (Tinted) Currently on sale!

As I've mentioned often I tend to change my look with the seasons just like in RL. With this in mind I decided to go a shade lighter on my skin than normal. I also went a few shades lighter on my hair. It's minor but it still feels huge! Check it out

Old Khloe- Taken in July

New Khloe- Taken today!

Believe it or not these two photos were taken months apart. I chose to show the same hair and look in a lighter style to show the difference from then until now! I've had a few minor head shape changes over the months but have basically stayed the same. What do we think of the "new" me?

Whhheeeww. I'm calling it a day. This laptop I am currently using is horrible. It took me nearly 3 hours just to post this! I so miss my awesome computer. After a total of 15 crashes on SL I grabbed the least glitchy photos to work with.

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