Monday, October 24, 2011

DollCoco- let's chat it out

OKay, has anyone else been to DOLLCOCO? I've heard some whisps of convo and decided to try it out when I saw that the owner had set the light and dark body parts as a free group gift.

I was actually really excited about all this because I happen to have what I consider my "broken dolly" alt. Pretty much she's got something of a cracked skin, a cutsey dress and hair and she reminds me off a neglected doll. I love her look so much I've never found anything to replace her outdated skin or other items. When I heard about the new "doll" avatars popping up I figured I would test drive them before I did the real deal.

Here's the thing. While I think the concept is new and exciting I don't love the end results. For one, I'd hoped for more body styles. The tall lanky model look isn't really what I would hope my dolly looked like. Another thing is the issues with mesh when removing the parts later on.

When I first removed the parts and got back to my normal self there was something horribly wrong with my avatar. No matter what shape I tried I was stuck in some sort of stretched out and squished old school "Ruth". Thinking it was just me I rebaked and eventually had to relog. I ended up relaying the message to my husband who in turn tried it himself (on a totally different PC) Again upon removal there were some serious shape errors. He also noticed that the eyes were displaced with the wonky shape and therefore were always following the camera. It was a bit creepy to say the least.

All in all I have to say I was pretty disappointed. However being me I always have to find some of the good in things. The idea in itself is pretty awesome and the store left me feeling like I had stepped into "Build A Bear". Also the outfits and added items were pretty neat as well :D

Creativity: A
Execution: D

As an update: I worried that it was some sort of SL meltdown with mesh itself. This seemed to not be the case. I was able to wear all my mesh goodies with no issues except for the DOLLCOCO items.

Thoughts, comments? Has anyone had this happen?

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