Monday, October 17, 2011

Let the hunt begin

I've been doing something I haven't done in a while. Hunts in SL. I'd thought I had outgrown them for the most part. I think mostly it had to do with the fact that I was using a less than stellar PC at the time which mean I was the girl you'd see half naked 'ghost walking' by you on the sim. Hunts or anything that make for tons of people near me pretty much were a bust.

I'd say I became a virtual hermit of sorts which is pretty sad considering one generally uses SL to be .. ya know.. social. That being said my new PC is a whole ton better. I haven't been using it so much because I don't have a desk ATM. Currently I'm rocking this makeshift uncomfy thang.. one of those little fold up tables lazy people eat tv dinners on... or old people use.. yeahhh one of those... and because my monitor and speakers take up it's entire surface I'm balancing my keyboard on a folded piece of cardboard. Gawd... I'm so ghetto!

It's okay, you can laugh if you want to. I do often.

Anyways believe it or not this post was actually about the hunts i did! Overall I like a good hunt. I tend to do well publicized ones for the most part. I also have a habit of choosing hunt I can skip around on. Because let's face it...relying on finding the next item to move on drives me INSANE.

Let's take the Zombie Popcorn hunt for example. 100 stores of awesome. SOMEHOW I managed to start the hunt before the hunt list and hints were passed out. I knew there were a few specific items from the hunt that I wanted to get right away as my time online is pretty much touch and go. So there I am huffing and puffing without my list and getting more mad by the minute. I'm pretty sure at one point I spent a half hour in a store looking for the little popcorn bag. There was a LOT of cursing and mumbling under my breath. I'm also pretty sure at some point I made a vow to myself. I decided any store that hid their item to the point of making me mad wouldn't be getting my patronage any time soon.

That's a big thing for me. I love hunts. And while hints are nice I really enjoy searching, laughing over silly mess ups with people and just generally getting the chance to explore forgotten or never before seen stores. However when I walk into a store that hid the item SO well that there ends up being an overflowing jam or people still looking, I start to get annoyed. Furthermore while I get that being cunning is great for a hunt, I feel excessive 'fake' hunt items, tinting the hunt item to blend with the color of your store or making it so small it's hard to tell the hunt item from a spot on your screen- is cheating. Or at the very least bad taste. I feel if I get to the point where if I have the option to move on without getting your item because I've looked for 15 minute or more and sill haven't found it- chances are I'm going to write your store off as well.

-End rant-

Look. I have things to show you. I ended up doing bits and pieces of multiple hunts that will take me forever to sort through. However I did manage to get these gems out of hiding!

Sweater- -Addict- : The seasons Hunt Item
Hair- Fri. : The seasons Hunt Item
Loung Pillow w/ accessories- {meberry} : Indian Summer Hunt Gift

That's all for now! It's my hubby's birthday so I'm going to go help him eat the cake! :D

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