Friday, October 14, 2011

Shop till you like Mesh

I'm really feeling very over Firestorm's issues lately. I don't know if it's me or something on their end but goodness is SL sucking for me right now. I've been crashing at nearly every TP, lagging so baddly at my own house I end up on the other side of the Sim. Suffice to say in the past 24hrs SL has decided to HATE me.

I tried rocking a non-mesh beta viewer and it worked briefly until all the items I snagged to show ended up being mesh. and then well. GRR. Anywho.. Hold onto your panties ladies because I have been shooooppping!

Picture 1: Tights, and Mesh Dress: Jane (Dress is on sale this weekend for 50L! There are 2 other colors available as well as goodies from various other stores on the sim!)
                Shoes:Leverocci @ The Dressing Room

Picture 2: Dress: Raspberry Aristocrat: (50L weekend item as well! There is a hair available too!)

Picture 3: Dress: PurpleMoon: Group Gift (Gloves and Fuzzy Collar included)
                Shoes: N-Core @ The Fashion Garret

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