Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Hunt-Ricielli Style

If you are like me the changing of the seasons generally means an overhaul of your wardrobe. I've made it no secret that I tend to dress myself ( for the most part) in whatever trends are popping up in seasonal wears.

As I mentioned in my last post I've been getting my hands into some of the large hunts again. While multi Sim hunts can be a blast and introduce you to all types of new things, I often enjoy a simple one store hunt. Ricielli is one of my favorite places to enjoy during a hunt. I happen to love the fact that the items can all be mixed and matched to make multiple high fashion as well as casual outfits.

Another great fact about Ricielli hunts is the lack of a time constraint. Granted no hunt can last forever but I've never found myself worrying about not finishing in the alloted amount of time. Add to this the interesting hunt layout. The items are generally easy to find but you also aren't going to always find things where you would expect. If you are looking for the shoes you might just end up finding them in the skin section. This coy setup allows for the hunter to truly look around the store while still being able to find the items they want at a fast pace. Of course some of you might be wondering how you'd even know what to be looking for or what gifts to be expecting. If you happen to be a Ricielli group member the hunt note cards are always send out and they always include a single picture detailing the hunt items as well as what will be inside. The hunt items are numbered to make it easier. If you aren't interested in a specific option because you already have it you can simply verify the number on the item with the number on the picture and voilĂ  - no gift repeats!

Check out the latest hunt going on now! Also keep in mind unlike most hunts the items you will be getting are not necessarily 'Autumn or Halloween' colors! Sometimes it's nice to get something fresh!

I loved the colors in this hunt. I've never missed the opportunity to catch a hot Ricielli item :D

I will give you a few helpful bits of info and thoughts on the products.  Each hunt item costs 15L. So if you happen to be a freebie fashionista then this hunt isn't for you. However if you like to snag an amazing deal while checking out a hot store then what are you waiting for!?

Also in regards to the items themselves:
- The 2 sets of earrings are a great steal. Keep in mind the jewelry tends to be on the large side and a big chunky.

- Number 17 is a multi colored shawl type shirt. If you have an avatar that moved her arms or has any chest thrusting animations you might want to skip this. I personally had some issues sizing it to one of my other personalities.

- Number 18 is a one shouldered Little Black Dress. Be warned this is one of Fhara's first attempts with mesh. There are 2 size options but I found it hard to size on myself. If you are a bit busty this might be up your alley/ However if you aren't yet sporting a Mesh viewer than move right along to the next goody.

JUst to give you an idea of the wear ability of the items :D

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