Saturday, October 22, 2011

Step into my dorky world

Hello lovelies! I wanted to share some excitement with you all! This is a bit of a step outside SL but it does have to do with the future of my blogging!!

I got a tablet! Or I guess I should say I've been loaned one (uhm yeah i'm not giving it up!) My Father-in-law was super kind to give me his barely used tablet. He bought it for work purposes, used it for less than an hour and completed the task he needed it for. I've been drooling over it for a while now.

I've read some good and bad reviews about how other bloggers and photogs with tablets feel about them. It seems a bit of a toss up. I happen to adore this one, at least for picture editing purposes. Sometimes I've wanted to get a bit artsy for the sake of a challenge or just for a personal picture and doing some of the things I've wanted just hasn't worked out with a mouse. SO yay, excitement. And please bear with me are I take the journey into something totally new for me :D

Oh and what's a blog without a picture! I'm not a great artist but it did giveme a better scale of what I could expect to do :D

I drew this completely by hand and then cheated with a but of autofill while i played around. I'd liken it to the work of a child but hey considering i couldn't even sign my name with a mouse I'm pretty excited to start advancing.

Also for anyone interested in how it would help them:

Editing or creating makeup especially delicate pieces is SO much easier.

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Reema's 2nd Life said...

Oooohhhhhh i have been hinting to my loved ones for a tablet!!!! lucky you! :)