Saturday, October 1, 2011

Let me Blow you Mind Amaretto Horse Lovers

If you've been following my blog at all then I am sure you are aware that being on SL is a bit hard atm. This being said some decisions had to be made.

It saddens me to say we've decided to move to a smaller plot. While I do hate to reduce prims, we will be doing something insane. It's time to say goodbye to the horses.

If you happen to be a lover of the Amaretto Breedable Horses then you might want to take a chance and stop in! I know... sales pitch. Yikes. But this news might perk you up a bit...

Currently we are selling:

300 bundles placed out- Price: 10L a bundle
300 bundles in random bundle giver- Price: 10L a try

Walkers( Black, Tan, White, Silver), Andalusians, Arabians,Clydesdales ( Black Painted, Brown painted, 8t Brown, Black), Pintos,shetlands and Brindles.

Many different eyes including: Cosmic and Mystic Galaxy, Fire and Ice, Yin Yang, Cirque and True Albino.
Live- Non LE's or Charmed Priced 100-200L no matter the traits

Limited Editions:
 Esteems, RFLs, Full Set of BCA's, Sakura's just birthed and more.
All LE's 200-1000L

Demon, Albino (M/F), Pegacorn, Pegasus
All Charmed 2,000L

I know the prices are a bit shocking in some areas but it's time to cut the chord. If we havened all of them I think it would be like saying I plan to start over again at some point. There are so many amazing horses we are offering that still have plenty of life left in them, ranging from 2T-9T. If you don't need anything right now the bundles are worth oodles of Haven points! Stop on in!!

The horses will be around until tomorrow evening! (Sun. Oct 2nd)

Horse Sale
Horse Sale

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