Monday, October 24, 2011

The Amazing Downfall of Khloe

Hi darlings!

First off, feast your eyes on this:

Isn't that the best picture EVER?! Yeah, that's what I'm seeing upon login. Supposedly that would be Truth's mainstore. Clearly something is amiss here. I've been crashing, freezing, and just plain sucky all afternoon! It took me a half hour just to get a group gift and only becasue I was convinced I had to have it in the event SL decides to die.

I'm having flashbacks circa 2007-2008 when the grid totally went down and there was a scant 1000 of us still clinging to life as "Ruth"'s. A few of my friends and I rode out the great death of SL after a party. We ended up marooned on an island and we all had tiny boobs and  big feet, even the guys. Those were the days. However this horrible slow death is just NO fun. Is it just me? Or is there something more going on that I'm not clued in on yet?

Update: Truth finally rezzed bt that group gift from elsewhere I wasted all that time on? GONE.

I'm a but cranky. It's been an odd few days. I spent yesterday in the hospital... again. It's starting to feel like this is my initiation into a new place. Move = ER visit. I will say this tiny town has a very decent hospital. For the first time in my life there was NO ONE in the waiting room. I was in, and with a doctor in under 20 minutes. Apparently someone thought it would be a hoot to give me McDreamy's younger brother while I was weeping in pain. I swear this kid was younger than me. But he took my pain away and for that I can't fault him.

However his free hand with the pain meds left me sleepy as all get out. INsert drowsy wakeup this AM and I had to go to the DMV to get my new license. Not a pretty site. However I did pass the stupid written test. Seriously who the heck makes everyone take a written test when they've been driving for years with no record? Annoyance.

Anywho: the moral of this story is... not a clue. SL has decided to dislike me. If it's not just me feel free to let me know. Until I can long in correctly -hugs!

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