Saturday, November 5, 2011

Newbie Style Challange-Get your newb on

As we all know I adore blogger challanges. I especially like a challange of making an avatar from scratch using a budget. If you haven't guessed by now I am a huge lover of anything cheap or free. I do spend money in stores but I also thing a healthy amount of gifts entices someone to spend money as a 'Thank You' as well as allowing a person to sample items without wasting money on something that might not be quite what they had hoped.

That being said when I saw Gogo of Juicy Bomb had started the Newbie Style Challenge II, I was Super excited. You can read the rules and such -here-

If you have spent any time in SL with me then you know I have an alt addiction. Most recently I cut back to those linked to anything I still do in SL. There was a time when I would create an alt just to 'make her/him over'. I would hunt all over SL just to prove I could make an avatar that cost 10, 20, 30L..even free. SO the 550L limit for this challenge sounds like a fortune.

I started out as a brand newbie with a new alt I made. I decided to make not one but three looks in total.(I may do more in the future! keep posted)

Look 1:


           Hair: D!va- Group gift (there are tons here + free group join!)   = 0L
Scarf: Mr. Poet- Store Freebie (Boxers also + 2 Lucky Boards   = 0L
Dress: Riddle (+ 2 shirts Gift @ Fab Free HQ-TONS of goodies) = 0L
Boots: Vinyl Cafe (Dollarbie a day location- past  are 50L now)  =50L

total: 50L

Look 2:

Hair: D!va- Naomi 20000 members (Group gift)    = 0L
Necklace: Milady's -  (Marketplace)                       = 0L
Dress: Entre Mares - (Fab Free HQ)                       = 0L
Shoes: Maitrya- Subscribo Gift                               = 0L

Total: 0L

Look 3:

Hair: D!va - Haruka (Group Gift)                       = 0L
Sweater: ~Sweet Poison~ - (Marketplace)        = 0L
Skirt: JANE - In store Gift (Tons others too!)     = 0L
Boots: COCO- Group Gift (Tons more!)              = 0L

Total: 0L

About My Body!:

Shape: Made by me :)                                               = 0L                    
Skin: Mamboo Chic- Lucky Board       = 0L
           Eyes: TechnoLati- Hazel Blue on Marketplace         = 1L

 Total: 1L

Over all Spent: 51L !!

Additional Notes:

I also snagged some great things that aren't sp easy to see! Oracul offers one of the BEST freebie AO'S I've seen. You can snag it at the Fab Free HQ. It comes with a male AO as well and it's Copy/Trans!

The poses I used were freebies from Fab Free HQ and D!va (upstairs)

When making my looks this time around I wanted to focus on quality. Any old person can find a free outfit (If you can't then you deserve a smack upside the head ala Gibbs on NCIS.. :D). Rich textures and decent attachments make an outfit better than the system layer snoozer! The hardest things for me to find was decent hair (I tend to be ultra picky normally) and shoes. I never did go gaga over any of the shoes I found but oh well. Granted I could have used a chunk of that 550 to buy shoes or hair but I was more focused on an actual newb shopping.

Also noted: I could have made this super easy by doing hunts and current sales but I thought it smarter to show items that may still be around months from now!

Taking it one step further:

One thing we most often overlook is something as simple as a profile pic. Often spending 10L to upload is a big deal to someone new. (This is for anyone not using SL V3). During my quest for poses or photo studios to make a profile pic I found a rare gem. Studio Focus is a new photography location just getting started. As a special offer to new patrons they are doing one free shot to new group members. You can join the group - here-  and contact Sunnyboi Canis or Savannah OHare! (I'll be doing a write up in the upcoming days on these two so stay tuned if you are interested!

Check out the pic Savannah did for me:

Until next time! XOXO


Talena Carissa said...

Great post! I love that ao at fab free such a nice find. And that dress is awesome. I do want to make a couple suggestions. I run a shop called Pink Label- I just put out a pair of shoes for 49L, prim foot, hud controlled yadda yadda. And I have several others on sale for less. I only mention it to you because you mentioned specifically finding shoes was tough :) You can find my shop via my profile in world.

Khloe Nitely said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip Talena! I will certainly check it out for further reference :D