Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Updates and news and hunts, Oh my!

I've been a bad bad blogger I knooow. I'm sorry. Due to unforseen circumstances we are forced to be moving across many states tomorrow. That said I've been a little bit of a scatter brained which leaves you faithful readers being forgotten for a bit.

I'll make it up to you, I promise!

In the mean time I've got a few things going on regarding [Blossom]

1. We have a group now! For the time being until i decide to be evil, it will be free to join and will offer updates, releases and exclusive gifties!! You can join : [Blossom]

2. I'm playing with mesh these days and a whole slew of new textures so prepare to SHOOOOPPP... when I'm settled at the new place. :D

3. [Blossom] is in it's first hunt!!! The Tie the Knot hunt to be exact!!

Be sure to check out the link above for a list of all the great designers participating and even a few sneak peak pictures! If you have a wedding coming up or just love pretty things this is the hunt for you. The hunt item is a wring box with ring so be on the look out! <3

Until next week! I promise I'll be back then! <3 XOXO

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