Monday, February 13, 2012

Dirty Lil...

Secret , of course!

One of the questions people seem to always ask is if I'm married in SL. The answer is always a big fat YES (to my rl hubby just to clarify). I guess some folks get confused because G rarely logs on these days. Mostly because he's out playing in his new RL man cave. Men, so easy to please. It's become a bit of a joke and some people choose to believes he's really just one of my alts. Whatevs.

You can imagine the  joy I had when I stumbled upon a new (to me!) store 'Dirty Lil Secret'. This store is chalk full of goodies and has a few new and older group gifts still around. The most recent group gifty (free to join!) really caught my eye.

'My Heart Belongs to What's His Face'
I literally cracked up and called the hubster in. We had a few snickers over it and I decided it was the perfect V-day outfit! SO fitting really.

I paired this adorable dress with the bandage leggings I snagged at the Back to Black fair, by [Sleeping Koala]. I am so so in love with these. I've always had this love for leggings but I just haven't found a lot that go with most of my clothes. I've been wearing these for quite a few days now and I just can't help but be in love with them.  Annnd of course, shoes by [Blossom] 125L @ 50% off! Sale ends tomorrrow!

Until Next Time! XOXO

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