Sunday, February 12, 2012

I think My Desires are Pretty Reasonable, Don't you?

Be warned these may be a little bit NSFW for some!

I've been so behind on the 12 days of Lingerie that it didn't even seem right to continue.  I have so much adorable lingerie that I got a littler overwhelmed with myself trying to sort and remember. So imagine my surprise when Austie from Reasonable Desires passed me a fatpack of some of the total cuteness shes got available right now!

Pictured Left: Delfina @ 99L , Pictured Right: Valentina @ 50L & Trans until Feb 15th!!

Shoes: [Blossom} Relptilian Funk- Aqua & Beat of my Ruby Red Heart (Gatcha Item Available Until Feb 14th!!!


FREE UNDIES! Austie and Marti are so awesome that they have put this adorable 3 pack of cute heart covered undies out for free!!

Little bit closer! I was having such PC issues this afternoon!!
I'm pretty sure this is the closest to naked I've ever gotten on this blog! Almost makes me break out in a cold sweat.. phew.

What's say I put some clothes on before we continue? Sounds dandy to me!

I decided last night to hit the Juicy- Crush on You Event. This event is currently running from the 10-18th and includes over 40 designers! All the items run along a Valentine's day / love-y theme. Most designers are also offering a little gift for you as well! I bought this adorable dress from OhMarie in Rose for 80L and these heart tights from Riddle in a 3 pack for 60L!

I was actually really excited about this event as it was in a pretty location, well put together and had some amazing designers. I just had ONE gripe that almost ruined the whole thing. Last night the place seemed over run with newbies. I mean at least 10 of them. Normally I don't mind new folks and I will often offer help if I can. However on a night like this when I'm working to find something blog worthy I find it annoying to be chased around by someone who doesn't get the hint. After ignoring, politely decling to have sex/chat/show my body I kind of had enough.. It felt grody and wrong. I'm pretty sure I eventually shouted "ENOUGH" before donning a shapeless sweatshirt and jeans. I know the best thing to do is ignore them but it's pretty hard when you are standing in a section for a few minutes purchasing and camming around and they are constantly bumping you or rapid firing sexually harassing you.

I went back today and it seems the worst offenders have gone on their merry way so i assume you won't have any issues! It really is a beautiful event and I ended up buying wayy too many goodies! Happy shopping and freebie snatching!!!

Until Next Time! XOXO

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