Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If it's Not One Thing...

Hello Lovelies!!

I should absolutely be in bed, but I couldn't resist a good rant tonight! I have been so horribly busy the last few days!

First off, before I rant!!! I'm planning a wee sale for V-day at [Blossom]

Yup! A SALE! We all know how I love a good sale, so I figured it would be super rude of me not to offer you all one now! Select PINK, RED & PURPLE items will be marked down to as low as 125L! There's also a freebie and time assuming I may actually get out another gifty as well! We'll see. Like I said >> Swamped

Here's another reason I've been swamped..
I got another collection out Finallllly! Yay!!

Okay, so enough about shoes..(pffft).. Rant time!!

By now I'm sure some of you have read about my past woes with SL neighbors. I have the worst luck so when hubby and I found a cute corner, stand alone parcel I about wet myself. It's a pretty great place and we were one of the only people on it! We've had almost 2 blessedly quiet weeks, but let's be real.. luck like that NEVER lasts...

My first groan worthy moment happened last week.. I see an IM pop up while i'm hanging with my kitty's..

Random Weirdo: You want come to turkish bath house?
Me: Uhm, *hello* No thanks
Random Weirdo attempts to tp me twice..
Random Weirdo: :( Come to bath house with me
Me: I'm not sure how you got my name or why you thought it would be okay to IM me, but I'm pretty sure the answer was clearly no and my husband would agree..

Now here's the thing. I generally don't mind people inviting me places, mostly because it rarely happens, but I do feel that some basic common sense should be in order. Say hello, chat, KNOW ME. I eventually figured out that the bath house was another parcel on our sim, but still. I actually manged to overlook it without my usual knee jerk ban method. Then poof, 2 of my alts, and my best bus Lilly get pretty much the same message over the weekend. I really feel like this is harassment, no?

The next big bunch of crazy is the random people suddenly dropping from the sky. This pisses me off to no end. For days now I've been getting pinged by my land scanner. "So and so has visited your home" .. RAWR. I really dislike random folks trolling my land. It's weird and if you did it in RL you'd probably be arrested for trespassing or being a peeping tom. It's not that we DO anything besides build or play with our kitties but c'mon people. After the first few, I found one gal standing on top of my house for about 10 minutes. Finally I imed her... it went something like:

Me: Can I help you?
Her: Actually yes, where is the vintage garden?
Me: As this is a private residence I'm pretty sure you got a bad tp and I kindly ask you to leave..
Her: Oh, but the owner has her store listed here.

REALLY!? So I finally poked and prodded this chick into giving me the creators name. I imed her over a week ago and I've come to the conclusion that she no longer plays in SL or just doesn't give a crap that her picks list my home as her store. Generally I would do something simple like set my land to group only.. except I learned we aren't allowed to do that because the land managers think it's rude. Well guess what, I think it's rude to have someone walk freely into my home, click on my things and try to buy my stuff. I also think it's rude that I now have to be careful with any of my shoe sets I'm working on because I never kn ow if someone might come in and snag it.. But yet again I gave people the benefit of the doubt. IM Owner: Check, Put a blurb in my About Land: Check. I mean honestly, how many vintage garden enthusiasts can there be? TONS that's how many. Pretty much on a daily basis I'm chasing someone off my couch or out of my VW Bus because they simply can not read.

**Angry Face**

Anywho there's the update on how our new land is working out.. ha. Thanks for letting me vent a bit!

Be prepared..I have folders upon folders bulging with goodies I need to share with you all... I'm sooo behind!

Until Next time!! XOXO


Tashi Core said...

Aww, I guess there are always irritating and crazy people out there, and even more so in SL somehow.

I think we've all faced that sort of harassment. I've had a pervert tp into MY BEDROOM asking for slex, a slave barging into MY BEDROOM screaming "Take me! Take me!" on her knees, and the occasional random noobs bringing themselves on a self-guided tour into every room without even saying hi to me. Fun times. :0

Now I live in a Group-Only SIM where strict privacy rules are imposed. lol.

Khloe Nitely said...

Oh boy!! Sounds like you've had it rough too! I swear sometimes I feel like half the stories we have from intruders!!

As an update after setting the land back to allow all: 3 intruders in the span of 8 hours lol. Are you all punking me? :P