Saturday, February 11, 2012

Party Crashers

Evening my lovelies!!

With Valentine's day just around the corner it's no surprise that weddings are popping up all over the grid! A new friend and employee is no exception in this case. After tossing aside at least 10 dresses I finally dragged myself out to buy something cute and formal that isn't circa 2008.

*Cringe* Outdated much?! It seems I went through a phase where I tinted everthing I owned purple. It just was not a pretty sight and well a girl has to look her best at a wedding.
         (Dress from G*Field) Ps I'm not an amputy, my leg is just hiding. yay lag!

Encouraged by looking cute I decided t extend the invite to thew hubby. He got all jazzed  up and spiffy which is a huge difference from his normal grungy attire. Yes ladies, he's one of those av's that wears the same outfit always. Ive tried shopping and changing to no avail... Anyways. Little did I know putting GC and my boss man Ski together would be the equivalent of putting together a group of 12 year olds...

Men! I swear, you can't take them anywhere! I supose they just didn't want to show their true feelings :P

Shortly after the ceramony We were invited to join a precious reception... THings didn't get much better with my man. Maybe he's just in dire need of some male friends time?

Pimp suit... boogey dancing. GAWD. He's lucky I love him

Oh, and please ignore the fact that my pictures look like a newbie took them! I simply can't use ultra settings at weddings. Everyone ends up looking like a ruthed hot mess to me :/

Oh and BTW!!

Don't forget [Blossom] is having a 50% off sale!!!! Be sure to stay tuned as we've been invited to the Seraphim Freebie event AND our very first hunt! Exciting, no?! Looking forward to sharing this exciting time with you all!

Until Next time!! XOXO

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