Sunday, February 5, 2012

12 Days of Lingerie take 3, and 4!

I'm such a slacker on this! I decided due to multiple things to combine both 3 and 4 for the 12 Days of Lingerie Challenge.

I'm doing something a bit more different this time around then normal. With most of my photos I don't edit more then a few discolorations and some wonky elbows or body parts that SL has decided to morph into a pointy object. With that in mind I decided to play around with filters during this challenge. I've added some vintage looks, made some grainy, played with colors. It's been interesting to get my hands on some of the wonky tools I normally mis-use or overlook!

Check out my most recent two looks!

It's a bit hard to see as I took this the other night while SL was hating me. I was looking for edgy and ended up playing with my Shibari ropes. I normally don't use them unless I'm fooling around or for an event these days but.. well. They are , admittedly, pretty neat! I paired them with an oldie but goody- body stocking from Reasonable Desires and [Blossom] Chained Heels. Having worked at RD for over a year I still have some pretty sweet duds! This particular body stocking looks to be no longer available... However...

All the Lingerie at Reasonable Desires is being sold for 20L-99L. There are SO many options to choose from and a few of the items are tintable! All of the items are transferable as well so it makes for the perfect gift for that special someone or heck for that best gal pal!! If you are lacking in funds there is a 10L gatcha, as well as multiple Lucky Chairs!

Looking past all the goodies you can snag, the sim is something pretty awesome as well. Set in a black and white 40's style it's perfect for those ultra glam backdrops! This is a store I've known pretty much since my first weeks in SL. It's one I was a loyal employee of for over a year and one I'm shamed to say I've often overlooked for the big named stores.. Sad really. Austie and Marti are pretty brilliant. While the may not be using the premade sculpties that so many designers buy (myself included so no bashing meant) they do all hand drawn textures. The attention to detail is amazing and what some people don't know is that these designers are pretty awesome folks. After having meant some less than friendly designers in my day it's refreshing to see two people still so in touch with it all...

I guess this makes me think of a story I was reading recently about "Cash Mobs" Pretty much calls are going out all over the US inviting folks to small mom and pop stores and just people flooding in and buying items from  them. It has nothing to do with bashing the big name stores but I think it's a lesson we could all use. Sometimes we get so focused on the big name brands or the "popular" brands we forget about someone who has been around longer then most of us and still giving it a go. Wouldn't it be a super special idea if a few of you folks did a little cash mob? Think about it , ey?

My other look of the night is this diddy.. I really couldn't decide on just ONE look for it sooo...

This gold confection is just 25L from Phoenix Rising. They seem to have had a "closing sale" for over a year now. Not that you'll hear this frugal fashionista complaining! One should never pass up a good deal, especially when so well made!!

Hope you all have enjoyed these two/three looks!

Until Next time! XOXO

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