Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LOTD: Skinny Budget 4 Lisa Frank style

Afternoon lovelies!

Does anyone remember the awesomeness of Lisa Frank?! When I was a kiddo Lisa Frank was all the rage. Bright colors, awesome patterns.. stickers, stationary, you name it. It was all a pretty big deal if you had all the sets and such.

Anywho I was doing my normal blog snoop when i stumbled on the latest posting from Freebies for Cece. I won't lie I immediately reverted to a small girl and fell back in love with Lisa Frank all over again. The dress Cece was showing was literally something out of  the Lisa Frank handbook for adults. Loves.LOVES

I absolutely had to scoop this dress up and I was even more amazed to learn it was a FREE group gift from *CK* Crazy Kitty!!! I hopped on down and immediately my eyes were overloaded with bright funky color combos. If you are into that sort of deal... this place is for you. There are numerous group gifts, lucky chairs and prize things all around.
Because of the bright funky nature of the dress I kept everything else a bit simple this time around. I decided to pair it with the freebie item I have out at [Blossom]! 

Oh yeah...Remember I last mentioned I'd decided to make shoes? Guess what?! 

I opened my little itty bitty store this week! You can check out [Blossom] -here-!!! I'm also on Marketplace with one of my collections for now! If you're wondering I currently have 3 styles out right now. Back to Basics which is a pretty basic platform pump. These come in 15 different colors! I've also completed a small ling of Chained. Chained come in 5 colors with two options. You can get the basic, or the Mono. Mono has a matching heel texture to the show base while basic has a golden heel and sole! I'm working on more to come while also taking custom order current so please don't be shy! I really hope you enjoy them. Current pricing is 250L for the Back to Basics, while the chained versions run for 300L. Custom order forms can be found at the main store and include instructions!

The shoes shown above are my thank you gift for showing support, so even if you are on a budget you can still get some cute colorful works of art for your piggies! <3

Check below for some pictures of what I am currently offering!

Until next time!!! XOXO

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