Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our home is haunted...

SO I previously wrote about intruders on our land...

What happens when something WEIRD happens and there is no one else around to have done it?!

 PLease excuse my giant picture. I took a sleeping pills... so yeah..

Anyway! You see those 3 lamps?! Guess what... they are "owned" by me.. but I never put them out. As in... I bought that lamp when we had our old land. When we bought the new plot I redecorated and chose a different lamp.. soo. WTF is that lamp doing suddenly sitting in the middle of my cat habitat, my grassy hill and our living room?! Some SL guru please explain to me why 15 minutes ago when i tped into my land there were no lamps and now there are 3...I've had this and for about 3 weeks and never once rezzed that lamp here.. Im not even using the same furniture as before...


Ps. can we all just overlook the fact that my circles and question marks resemble that of a 5 year old. MMK

I think as much as I love the colors of that lamp it must be perma deleted from my inventory now. It's just freakin weird. also this isn't some SL prank on just me because others can see it.

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